With over 210 years of industry experience, we help you develop the right combination of tools and processes to support your workflow.

3 HTi presents a full-line of services and support for your technology investments.

We employ only the best possible subject matter experts in each field.

Support and Maintenance

3 HTi can help you gain more value from your hardware and software investments.

We provide a comprehensive support system for every software and hardware system we sell:

  • Technical experts
  • On-premise and on-line support
  • Productivity-enhancing resources

Temporary and Permanent Staffing

3 HTi provides both permanent placement and temporary contract engineering staffing solutions nationwide.

Our Recruitment Specialists take the time to pre-screen candidates to find the best fit for all projects.

  • Flexible staffing
  • Fast response time
  • Access to the best engineers

Contract Design Service

3 HTi can help your firm with a wide variety of contract design services.  Our in-house and on-contract engineers can make sure that you make your deadlines with high quality design services.

  • Scale up for rush or big projects
  • Get additional expertise in specific areas
  • Run additional simulations to validate designs
  • Tweak designs for final manufacture

Contract Manufacturing

Whether you’re just looking for a few 3D printed parts, or you’re looking to outsource production for short or long-run manufacture, 3 HTi can match you with one of our dozens of manufacturing partners to optimize quality, speed, and cost.

  • On-shore and offshore
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Traditional manufacturing (machining and casting)