3 HTi can help your Company Gain More Value from your PTC software investments.

3HTi PTC Software Support3 HTi can help your Company gain more value from your PTC software investments. 3 HTi can help provide your Company with a comprehensive support system of technical experts, on-line support and productivity-enhancing resources, and continuous software improvements.

“Leona has done outstanding work for us in the area of Software License Management of PTC products. I can’t even begin to explain the tangled web that was our PTC license profile after 25+ years of operations and restructuring. Leona streamlined our licensing and consolidated it under one customer number, which made our license renewal process a breeze. She has been extremely helpful in preparing software license maintenance renewals, taking the pain out of what can be a very tedious process. Leona has offered expert advice and consultation whenever we have purchased new PTC Products.

It has been an absolute joy to work with Leona. Her bright and pleasant personality, along with her attention to detail and customer needs, have really made license management a much easier and enjoyable experience.”
Brian DeStefano, Windchill and Creo System Administrator, QinetiQ North America

We have the right team, tools and technology to support:

  • Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER)

    Integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Software

  • Windchill

    Content and Process Management Software

  • Arbortext

    Dynamic Publishing Software

  • Mathcad

    Engineering Calculation Software

  • ProductView

    Visual Collaboration Software

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