New Release Overview: KeyShot 7

KeyShot is an advanced 3D rendering and animation platform that designers can use to create amazing photo-realistic images. The newest version, KeyShot 7 has just been released and it is one of the biggest upgrades to date. It builds on … Continued

New Markforged Material: Onyx Chopped Fiber

Markforged has released an amazing new material for the MarkTwo 3D printer! Onyx is a remarkably tough nylon mixed with chopped carbon. The result are parts with stiffness equal to or greater than any pure thermoplastic material available for professional … Continued

Finite Element Analysis Software

In today’s competitive world of product design, frequent and accurate simulation is critical. Finite element analysis software (FEA) predicts how your design will react to real-world forces like vibration, heat, fluid flow, fatigue, and other physical effects. Finite element analysis … Continued

The Mark Two 3D Printer Has Landed!

The Mark Two 3D Composite Printer improves upon the original revolutionary Mark One with faster print speeds (up to 40%); the ability to strengthen features 15 times smaller than before; and increased reliability.

Chemical Analysis using PTC Mathcad

Given that their products have such a wide range of applications, Honeywell Engines’ Research Center required software that provided the reliability, accuracy and efficiency necessary while facilitating internal communication between the Center and engineering sites.

What’s the ROI on Reusing Parts?

Let’s take a look at a typical manufacturing scenario and the numbers involved, so that you can figure out what your own back-of-the napkin ROI might look like.

How to Simplify Global Supply Chains

When you start looking at even a modest global supply chain, complexity can add tremendously to both hard and soft costs—as well as time to market. Lowering the number of parts that your organization needs in stock means savings at the production, storage and after-sales service levels.