Creo Simulation Live provides real-time results as you work on a 3D design. Need to shave some weight from your model? What if we move this hole a little closer to the edge?  Real-time simulation shows you the consequences of your changes as you work.

Creo Simulation Live is an integration of ANSYS Discovery Live technology directly into Creo. Today modeling and engineering simulation generally occur in separate environments. You create a model, run a simulation, modify the model, run another simulation, and so on until you get the results you’re after. However, Creo Simulation Live provides real-time simulation. For a designer or engineer that means simulation results change live as you change physics types or inputs, make geometry edits, or alter display characteristics.

  • Real-time: Instantaneous simulation results for parts and assemblies directly in the modeling environment.
  • Interactive: Analysis updates dynamically as users edit or create features.
  • Confidence: powered by ANSYS technology.
  • Ease of use: Run your first simulation in minutes. No need for geometry preparation, meshing, or waiting for results.
  • Discover problems earlier in the design process when they are easier and less expensive to fix.
  • Produce products that more quickly meet functional requirements, and explore more design alternatives faster.
  • Reduce the wait times associated with traditional simulation tools.
  • Save analyst time and cost for high-end analysis while eliminating bottlenecks.

Traditionally, simulation technology draws enormous processing power. Creo Simulation Live uses revolutionary solver technology powered by native parallel GPU processing, rather than the CPU. In other words, the system gets its processing power from your computer’s graphics card to perform the computations, and your computer works as fast as ever.

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