This article is not only for 3 HTi customers, but for anyone that is using PTC Creo or Pro/ENGINEER.

Back on April 19, 2017, PTC announced that effective January 1, 2018, new software licenses for its core solutions (including Creo and Windchill) and ThingWorx platform will be available only by subscription in the Americas and Western Europe. Customers may continue to use their existing perpetual licenses and renew support on active licenses. (Read the full article here.)

We would like to clarify what this means for PTC customers that currently have perpetual licenses.

You will be able to continue to use your existing perpetual license

Your existing PTC perpetual license contract will continually be valid. PTC will always honor contractual obligations and is committed to supporting all of their customers.

Customers can continue to use existing perpetual licenses, receive new releases and other support entitlements, and may renew support on all active licenses. You can also convert those active, perpetual licenses to subscription or add new subscription licenses anytime.

Your account will continue as normal. With support, you have access to updates, bug fixes and new releases of Creo.

How is my account effected if I have a perpetual license?

This is the most important fact customers should understand about PTC’s change to a 100% Subscription model. Please read this!

As of January 1, 2018 perpetual license customers will NOT be able to upgrade from an older platform to a more recent version. Example – Creo Essentials is the most up to date CAD package for Creo and includes the dynamic extension “Flexible Modeling”. This allows you to use Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0. If your CAD system is currently running on Foundation XE (Wildfire 5.0) or Creo Parametric (Creo 1.0 or 2.0) you have until the end of December to upgrade to Creo Essentials. If you do not upgrade, you will be “stuck” using your current CAD platform indefinitely. If you have any questions about what CAD platform you are currently running, please contact us at, or call 866-624-3HTi (3484).

Also, after January 1, 2018 if you wish to add an extension to your perpetual license, an annual subscription will be available for that specific extension. A perpetual license extension will not be available for purchase. Example – if you wanted to purchase Creo Simulate (formerly known as Mechanica), you can add this to your configuration, but it would be available at an annual subscription rate.

3 Options to Consider before December 29th, 2017

I have a Creo or Pro/ENGINEER Perpetual License and we are not currently on the Creo Essentials Platform.

  1. You can upgrade to any Creo Essentials Package or Creo Engineer Package at a 35% discount. You can upgrade to Creo 4.0 and gain capabilities like Unite Technology (importing from other CAD systems without the use of a translator or neutral file), FreeStyle (modeling complex geometries and shapes quickly) and quick edits to Late Stage Design Changes.
  2. Other packages add increased functionality which include Top Down Design, Concurrent Engineering, Piping and Cabling, Simulation, Data Management and more. After December 29th, you will NOT be able to upgrade your perpetual license.

I have a Creo or Pro/ENGINEER perpetual license and want to increase my functionality at a minimum cost

There is an option to convert your perpetual License to an annual subscription. We are rewarding customers that have been loyal over the years and kept up with their annual support. When converting your perpetual license to an annual subscription, you receive the following:

  1. Reimbursement for unused annual support
  2. Additonal extensions at no charge, including:

I want to purchase at least 2 licenses of Creo before the end of the year

Buy one license of Creo and get the second license at half price. This includes perpetual and subscription Licenses. All new annual subscription licenses include:

  1. Design Exploration Extension (DEX)
  2. Human Factors Analysis (Manikin and Manikin Analysis)

If you have any questions regarding PTC’s change to a 100% subscription model, your current configuration, and options to these offers, please contact us at or contact your 3 HTi Representative or me directly (Rob Romanoski – (610) 590-1089,


Here are some more frequently asked questions about PTC software subscriptions.

What is subscription?

Subscription is a way to access PTC software licenses in a pay-as-you-go model rather than access by one large upfront cost. When you subscribe to PTC software, you’ll also get:

  • New releases, ongoing maintenance and security updates to keep you up and running
  • Ability to change capabilities so that you can access only the software you need, when you need it
  • eLearning content to access training on demand and improve your skills at your own pace
  • Assisted support with remote desktop diagnostics from certified and multi-language support engineers, and eSupport
  • Smart connected and proactive support to pinpoint problems sooner, see trends, and operate more efficiently

Why customers prefer to subscribe

Customers purchasing subscriptions benefit from:

  • Faster Innovation Cycles: New products and enhancements released in shorter cycles
  • Shared Commitment to Success: Proactive support, eLearning, and services ensure success
  • Flexibility and Lower Upfront Costs: Scale up or change capabilities to meet your business needs
  • Cloud Deployment Options: Optional cloud deployment to lower IT-related costs

Is PTC subscription available for all products in all regions?

Yes, all products across all regions are available as PTC subscriptions today.

Am I allowed to own and use perpetual and subscription licenses at the same time?

Yes, and you can also add new subscription licenses to an existing perpetual deployment.

To read more about frequently asked questions concerning PTC subscriptions, click Here.