Got Data Management Issues – 3HTi has a solution

The view of Traditional PDM Tools is:

  • Too much upfront consulting effort
  • Too complex to install and configure
  • Lengthy/Questionable return on investment
  • They don’t work with the CAD tools we use
  • They are designed for large enterprises, not smaller manufacturers

PTC Windchill PDM Essentials Is Here!!!

Based on PTC’s production-proven PLM Software, is a streamlined data management solution developed for small businesses requiring a “right sized” PDM solution to manage CAD data and Documents. Windchill PDM Essentials is fast and easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Why is PTC Windchill PDM Essentials so Important?

Most companies with small-medium sized design teams have no commercial PDM solution.

  • They are relying on network folders and ftp sites to manage data
  • This creates an inability to search and locate CAD data and related content
  • And an inability to understand CAD structures and inter-dependencies
  • There is no way to protect and prevent CAD data from being overwritten
  • There is no easy way to produce relevant reports (i.e. BOM, “where used” report)

Features and Benefits

Easy to Use!

PTC PDM Essentials provides an associative, relational database for your MCAD and other Product Development data.

  • Manages CAD files designed in PTC Creo, Solidworks, Auto CAD, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, PTC Creo Elements/Direct and PTC Mathcad as well as other Office Documents like Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Powerful Search and configuration reporting
    • Centralized vault for all design data enables fast searching and real-time access to product/project information.
  • Find, Copy and Rename existing designs to facilitate design reuse and repurposing
  • Access controls to protect and manage design data and related information
  • Embedded 3-D view and markup utilities empower non-CAD consumers to view, section, measure and markup designs.
  • Lifecycle states control when various roles are able to view, use and update product items. This ensures that areas such as manufacturing and purchasing can only access released items.

Simple to Install and Includes!

  • Comes in a Flash Drive
  • SQL Server Included – You don’t need to buy a database!
  • Windchill Server
  • Directory Server
  • Creo Lite Viewer
  • Creo Worker
  • Workgroup Managers
  • Help Center
  • Language Pack
  • Easy Installation: Only 2 to 3 hours to deploy with Wizard-driven installation and configuration

Problems PTC Windchill PDM Essentials Solves:

  • Lack of CAD data re-use and repurposing
  • Wasted time searching for data and information
  • Errors due to overwritten files and data
  • Inability to Collaborate and support concurrent engineering
    • To protect the integrity of design data, users store files locally and limit access to outside users
    • By limiting visibility and access to data, collaboration and sharing of design content is limited thus hindering the ability to make educated design and development decisions

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