Remember, as of January 1, 2018, PTC will no longer offer perpetual licenses for Creo, Windchill, or ThingWorx products. Right now is the perfect time to upgrade or change your license, as there are numerous promotions going on that allow you to add new tools and increase functionality at a low cost.

Starting in January, PTC will no longer offer perpetual licenses for Creo, Windchill or ThingWorx products.

Whether you are keeping your perpetual Creo license or changing to subscription – here is everything you need to know.

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Keeping Your Perpetual License

You will be able to continue using your perpetual Creo license.

You can continue using your current account and license with no interruptions. PTC is committed to serving their customers and will always honor existing contracts. If you choose to keep your perpetual license and keep your support up-to-date, you will still receive new releases, have access to updates, and be able to implement all bug fixes. You can continue to renew support and, of course, you can add new subscription licenses or convert your licenses to subscription at any time.

PTC will continue to honor existing perpetual Creo license contracts.

You will not be able to upgrade your platform.

That said, if you are on a perpetual license you will not be able to upgrade from an older platform. So what does that mean?

If you are not on the most recent platform you will not be able to utilize packages that include new features. So, if you don’t at least upgrade to Creo 3.0 or 4.0 on your current perpetual license, you will be stuck using the functionalities you currently have.

For example, Creo Essentials is the latest CAD package for Creo 3.0 and 4.0. It includes the dynamic Flexible modeling extension and some additional features. If you don’t upgrade to this package and instead stay with Creo 1.0, Creo 2.0, or Foundation XE (Wildfire 5.0) you will not be able to add these tools in the future.

If you are going to stay on a perpetual license we recommend at least upgrading to the latest Creo platform so you can enjoy all the new tools.

Any licenses added will be on the subscription model.

After January 1st, any products you add will be on the subscription license model and pricing will be based on the subscription rate. This includes both new Creo, Windchill, or ThingWorx licenses and any extensions you choose to purchase.


Options to Consider Before January

PTC currently has three promotions running to encourage people to take advantage of the Creo license model change. As mentioned above, you can just continue using your perpetual license but we recommend upgrading so you can:
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  • Receive all new releases and product enhancements on shorter innovation cycles
  • Easily change the capabilities of your product so you can use and pay for only the software you need right when you need it
  • Get access to eLearning and eSupport content to help you elevate your skills or troubleshoot problems on your own
  • Support provided by certified multi-language engineers using remote desktop diagnostics
  • Utilize cloud deployment to lower IT-related costs

Upgrade to subscription and always have access to the latest Creo features and tools.

Convert Your Perpetual Creo License to Subscription and Get 5 Free Extensions

Customers who convert their existing perpetual Creo license to subscription will be able to add five free extensions and additional features to their Creo interface. With this promotion, users will automatically receive the Design Exploration Extension (DEX) and the Human Factors Extension (Manikin and Manikin Analysis). In addition, they can select three from:


Customer who convert also receive:

  • The Creo eLearning library
  • A home use license
  • The advanced performance advisor

Convert to subscription and increase your functionality at a fraction of the normal cost.

Upgrade to Creo Essentials or Creo Engineering Packages and Get 35% Off

If you aren’t currently on the Creo Essentials or Creo Engineering platform, you can upgrade to the latest package and receive a 35% discount. This is ideal for people looking to continue using their perpetual license but who want to upgrade their platform to take advantage of the latest features.

After December 29th, you will not be able to upgrade your perpetual license platform. When you upgrade you get access to additional features and functionality like:

  • Unite technology: import your files from other CAD systems without using neutral files or translators
  • FreeStyle: simplify the modeling of complex geometries and shapes

Other packages also add increased functionality and tools like:

  • Top-down design
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Piping and cabling simulation
  • Data management

…and more!

Upgrade to the latest package to take advantage of new features while keeping your perpetual license.

Whether you want to purchase additional perpetual licenses or new subscription license, PTC is offering a buy one get one half off deal. If you chose to purchase an annual subscription license you also get the Design Exploration Extension (DEX) and Human Factors Analysis Extension (Manikin and Manikin Analysis) for free!
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Have Questions? Ready to Upgrade?

Contact us to take advantage of all of our current Creo license offers or if you have any questions about the new subscription-based licensing model.