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About Us

3 HTi: Solutions Provider.

Leveraging technologies that support a Digital Thread and Digital Transformation Strategies in Manufacturing. 3 HTi has a portfolio of clients in many manufacturing industries such as Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive. With several decades of hands-on experience we help our clients get their products to market faster by streamlining their complex data and processes by helping them adopt and utilize product lifecycle management solutions and services, data management, CAD, design, engineering and additive manufacturing solutions throughout North America.


About Us

3 HTi: Digital Transformation for the Future of Manufacturing

3 HTi has been helping discrete manufacturers transform their businesses since 2002. As a platinum level PTC reseller in the US and Canada and a partner of worldwide smart manufacturing leaders such as Desktop Metal, 3 HTi  offers a global reach in solving problems facing modern manufacturers.

For manufacturers, Digital Transformation does not mean spending a lot of money to embrace an overly complicated process. Digital Transformation solutions are not just for Fortune 1000 Manufacturers. Digital Transformation is simply taking your intellectual property (including complex files like CAD), and digitizing those files so they can be shared with the right people at the right time in your product development process. When implemented properly, this provides a measurable ROI and increases productivity, revenues, and profits. 3 HTi helps our customers by solving problems with industry leading software, hardware, and consultants. Digital Transformation is a journey, and this journey is unique for every organization. 3 HTi makes your goals our goals and helps lead you beyond your competitors.

Our suite of products and services include:

  • Design: Having the latest in design technology is the basis for creating innovative products. We offer the latest software solutions for 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE solutions.
  • Simulate: Completing simulation early and often in the product development process is key to keeping down costs and getting products to market as quickly as possible. We offer a range of simulation tools to ensure your products will perform as you expect before you invest in prototyping.
  • Manufacture: We offer 3D printing solutions as well as manufacturing monitoring and optimization.
  • Support: We design and deploy complete product lifecycle management systems that track every part and every BOM from design to end-of-life.
  • Connect: We offer numerous solutions to support your organization’s data management from PLM to IoT and Augmented Reality.

Expertise to Support Your Operations

Need additional support? We offer:

  • Training solutions for every software and hardware system we sell, including Creo, Windchill, Mathcad, Arbortext, Relex, Onshape, and more.
  • Permanent and temporary staffing for design
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Design simulation services

Certifications and Discounts

3 HTi a platinum-level PTC reseller. As a platinum partner, we provide the best possible prices and highest level of support for every PTC product, as well as a range of complementary hardware and software from NCSIMUL, KeyShot, Desktop Metal, RealWear, and more.

3HTi Office
3000 Atrium Way #296
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

3Hti ptc platinum partner

3 HTi is the largest PTC reseller in North America. As a platinum reseller, 3HTi can provide the best possible prices and the highest level of support for every PTC product.

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THE Digital Thread. Digitizing your Product Development Footprint.

    Digitizing your Product Development Footprint.

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