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Creo – Reverse Engineering Extension

Creo Reverse Engineering Extension accurately captures design intent from prototype models and also captures complex geometry (detailed surfaces) and contour definitions in the process. This allows you to directly reference the physical prototype data to rapidly define CAD Geometry, as well as reverse engineer discontinued or hard to find products or parts.
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Date : Thursday, December 07 2023 12:00 pm

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Managing a Multi CAD Design Environment and BoM Management

Windchill provides a single source of truth for all product data. This webinar will review how Windchill manages Multiple CAD systems. We will also review complete multi-dimensional BoM management with full data traceability. We will review the challenges, issues and effects that stem from not managing these systems properly as well as how Windchill solves these challenges; including a demo of Windchill.
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Date : Wednesday, December 13 2023 12:00 pm

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Easily Explore Alternative Design Concepts – Creo’s Design Exploration Extension

Concept design is the initial big picture or macro design. It shows us what problems the product will solve, how it will solve them, and what it will feel like as it is solving them. Arguably the most creative stage of product development, concept design is stickies slapped on whiteboards, ink and wash, and napkins and crayons even. It calls on us to consider sweeping ideas and all the various possibilities -- the more, the better. In concept design lies the very soul of innovation.
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Date : Thursday, December 21 2023 12:00 pm

THE Digital Thread. Digitizing your Product Development Footprint.

    Digitizing your Product Development Footprint.

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