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Automotive manufacturing is more than just the assembly line. Vehicles contain an assortment of systems both mechanical and electrical. Not only does your daily driver need an oil change and a tire rotation, it might need a software update as well. Auto companies need an effective way to track a variety of parts and systems throughout the life of a vehicle. 3 HTi offers a complete solution for manufacturers and parts suppliers to manage their data via the digital thread.

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Industry Challenges

Verification and Validation

As vehicles become more sophisticated, their assembly and maintenance follows suit. McKinsey projects validation and verification will constitute approximately 29 percent ($24 billion USD) of the total automotive software market by 2030. This sizeable market share will be driven primarily by the need to verify safety-critical software (AD, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), security) and the operating systems deployed in the vehicles. Along with the need to provide safety and security guarantees, automotive OEMs and suppliers will be compelled to adopt tools that support modern methodologies like continuous integration and rapid debugging. Managing these new requirements calls for investment in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions.

Compliance for Automotive Manufacturing

New developments result in new regulation, and automotive is no different. ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard used in the automotive industry, adapted from IEC 61508. It includes requirements for software development and design aimed at ensuring the safety of the vehicle at every stage in the vehicle’s lifecycle. The volume of software having a direct impact on passenger safety is expected to grow enormously over the next decade and beyond. It’s important that automotive software complies with ISO 26262 and that automotive firms can provide guaranteed proof that their software does so.

ISO 21434, on the other hand, is a new standard (published in August 2021) that concerns the cybersecurity risk of the electronic systems of vehicles. As modern vehicles become more and more connected to the Internet, they also become more vulnerable to cybersecurity exploits. ISO 21434 encompasses the entire vehicle production process, from design to software development. It introduces a structured approach to ensuring the security of vehicles. Developers of connected vehicles will need to demonstrate that their vehicle was designed with cybersecurity in mind, from the beginning to the end.

Although these standards cover a wide scope for developing safe and reliable code, exhaustive static analysis focuses on the most difficult part: identifying and helping developers eliminate undefined behaviors. It ensures that, whatever the inputs and the program conditions, the software will react in a deterministic way and is immune from security flaws. Automotive manufacturers must provide traceable proof that their products and processes are in compliance with these new regulations.

Access to Technical Information

Digital transformation is taking hold, but there is still room for improvement in the automotive industry. Downstream access for dealers, service centers, and drivers is a key shortfall. A recent survey of non-dealer service providers showed that 35% of the participants identify lack of access to technical information as a major challenge.

More than a quarter of those surveyed had updated their diagnostics in the previous six months. Almost a quarter hadn’t updated their diagnostics tools in more than three years, so perhaps it’s no surprise that when a vehicle is sent to a dealer, it’s likely because third party service providers lack necessary software updates or diagnostics tools.

Since 2002, 3 HTi has worked with automotive manufacturers to solve their challenges in product development, quality, and compliance. As digital transformation accelerates and software moves into a more prominent position for auto OEMs, 3 HTi offers cutting-edge solutions to give you an edge over your competition while making regulatory compliance easier than ever before. Contact us today for any of your technology or professional services needs.

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