Onshape: CAD in the Cloud

With the recent acquisition of Onshape by PTC, 3HTi is excited to announce that we are now providing Onshape as a CAD solution. Onshape is a CAD and PDM solution that runs entirely in the cloud.

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Creo 7 is here!

Enabled with UI and productivity enhancement, Creo now includes tools for generative design, real-time simulation, multi-body design, and additive manufacturing.  

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Transform Manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Bring ideas from concept to finished product with 3 HTi's exceptional consulting, training, support and technology sales.  

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Real-Time CAD Simulation

See how utilizing “Real-Time” simulation while Designing parts and assemblies in CAD can reduce your design-cycle time by 50%!

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50% off Creo Extensions!

Buy 1 seat of Creo and get 50% off your extension subscription package. Select from 16 popular extensions including: Advance Assembly, Creo Simulation, Creo Complete Machining, and more!

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3 HTi has been helping manufacturers transform their businesses since 2002. The latest iteration of manufacturing involves the integration of information from product design through manufacture and customer deployment. This journey toward industry 4.0 is unique for every organization. Fashioning a coherent digital design and manufacturing strategy involves more than just deploying the right collection of software and hardware products. Every element must be tightly woven together to produce a compelling whole. 3 HTi is the partner you need to both develop that integrated strategy and implement it.

Some of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with

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Onshape unites parametric modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. Complete this form to set up a free trial specific to your use case.

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