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What is FlexNet Licensing?

FlexNet is a common software license manager from Flexera Software. It is utilized by many companies including PTC to implement license management and is intended to provide multiple end users access to PTC products. FlexNet licensing can be used to create both floating licenses and node-locked licenses and all PTC FlexNet Licenses are based off of the PTC_HOSTID

What is FlexNet License Server?

The FlexNet License Server refers to the license server program to which most PTC client software connects to request licenses for access to the software. The FlexNet server administers the use of floating licenses configured in its local license.dat file. A PTC Flexnet server can be configured as either a single server or a redundant “Triad” server.

What is a floating license?

A floating license refers to a licensing scheme where the permission to execute the PTC product is controlled by the FlexNet server (the PTC License Server). In the FlexNet server environment any machine configured as a client will be allowed to use floating licenses until the number of licenses purchased has been exhausted. The license.dat file may be configured with any number of the following 3 floating license types: Licenses-to-run, Floating Options and Startup Extensions. The installation of a floating license(s) requires an authorization string, which is specific to the number of licenses (seats) purchased, the expiration date and the PTC_HOSTID for the machine that will run the FlexNet server program. This information is encrypted within the license.dat and any unintentional tampering of this string may cause the floating license to become invalid

What is a locked or node-locked license?

A locked, node-locked or fixed license is a license file configured specifically for use by a single client machine. These may come with any number of features attached as Licenses-to-run, or Startup Extensions. A PTC application configured to a locked license file would not require connecting to a FlexNet License Server but would ONLY allow the PTC applications to run on the specific machine for which the license was built.

What are the 3 different types of PTC FlexNet licenses ?

PTC FlexNet licenses come as 3 different types which are accessed differently depending on the specific PTC Product. The 3 types are License-to-run, Floating Option and Startup Extensions.


Floating Options:

Startup Extensions:

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  • A floating license will allow multiple people to share a license if they use it at different times. If everyone needs access at the same time, you will need multiple licenses.
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