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Simerics – High-End CFD for Digital Prototyping

Simerics Inc. produces CAE software for the virtual simulation and testing of motors, compressors, valves, fluid pumps, and systems

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Simerics focuses on providing tools that reduce expensive hardware testing for manufacturers and provide unique insight into their products. Integrating CFD into the design process saves time, reduces cost, and gets products to market quicker than traditional prototyping. Simerics is an ideal solution for clients working in industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical, energy, HVAC, marine, hydraulic, oil and gas, and water.

Founded in 2005, Simerics offers the latest in simulation technology. Simerics features two state-of-the art CAE tools: Simerics-MP® and Simerics-MP+®. Simerics-MP is for Multi-Purpose applications and Simerics-MP+ includes all the capabilities of Simerics-MP with additional features such as streamlined setup procedures, automated mesh/re-mesh for key components especially moving components, and customized data reduction.

If you need assistance selecting the proper tool, or if you require training or contract simulation services, talk to one of 3 HTi’s experts. Our internal team of resources does simulation work with customers such as NASA, the Department of Defense, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Schedule a complimentary discovery session today!

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White Paper - Automated Meshing with Binary Tree

A transient, 3-dimensional multiphase experimental study

Conjugate Heat Transfer CFD Analysis

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    Digitizing your Product Development Footprint.

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