The Mark X gives you industrial-scale printing and incredible precision.

The Mark X contains a laser micrometer on the print head which will scan at any print layer to measure your most critical tolerances (1 micron at Z resolution and 50 microns at XY Resolution). If early tolerances are not met, you can save time and materials. Engineers, manufacturers, and designers looking to print incredibly strong and highly precise parts for robotics, automotive parts, molds, prosthetics, athletic equipment, and other industrial applications will find the Mark X not only the must-have printer for their needs but also a replacement for both inventory and costly, time-consuming metal machining processes. The build volume is 330mm, 250mm, 200mm (X, Y, Z) while the footprint of 575mm, 467mm, and 928mm (X, Y, Z) allows the printer to still fit neatly in a shop or office.

These networked printers with Eiger software – a Google Chrome-based cloud solution – allow operations managers to oversee and monitor multiple printers concurrently, bringing a new capability to customized and scaled manufacturing.

Offer For Current Markforged Customers!

3 HTi and Markforged want to take care of our customers! If you purchased any 3D printer from Markforged, the price of your machine will be deducted from the cost of purchasing a Mark X. Yes, that is true. So for example if you purchased a Mark Two Enterprise System for $13,499.00, this would be deducted from the price for the Mark X. It’s like getting 2 printers for the price of one.

Specifications and Details

  • Print build of 13.0” x 9.8” x 7.9”
  • High Resolution – 50 Microns (incredibly smooth surface finish and precision)
  • Prints with all current Markforged materials including Onyx, Carbon Fiber and HSHT Fiberglass.
  • MSRP – $69,000

Click here and we will have one of our 3D Printing specialists contact you to discuss your needs and see if the Mark X (or any other 3D printer we offer) is a fit for your business.