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Professional Services

Software investment is key to any engineering-focused organization’s Digital Transformation strategy, but maximizing that investment is equally as critical. 3HTi is comprised of a team of experts in all phases of Design, Engineering, Analysis, Manufacturing, as well as managing associated processes.

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People, process, and technology sit at the intersection of your Digital Transformation journey. 3 HTi aligns all three to help our customers succeed.

Every organization needs a unique roadmap for their Digital Transformation, and the easiest way to develop that plan is with the assistance of an expert guide.

CAD Services
The roots of the 3 HTi team start in the early 90’s with the first versions of Pro/ENGINEER. Our experience helps your team become proficient in optimizing Creo and its extensions to increase your speed to market. You can also think of us as an extension of your team for Design and Engineering Services that may not be in your core skill set.
PLM Services
Digital Transformation in Manufacturing requires PLM as a backbone, and nobody knows PLM like 3 HTi. Our technical team boasts over 210 combined years of real-world PLM experience and we help Windchill customers of all shapes and sizes to increase efficiency and ROI in the engineering department with custom solutions that unlock the power of your data.
Business Process Audit
If your industry is highly regulated, or you would like insights into optimizing your engineering-driven organization, 3 HTi offers business process audits to ensure that your digital house is in order. Audits range in scope from a simple license cleanup to a total and complete reorganization of your enterprise systems.
Digital Transformation Services
Digital Transformation is a hot topic, but what does it really mean to your business? 3 HTi can help answer that question. From a more cohesive PLM strategy to implementing advanced technologies like Augmented Reality and Industrial Internet of Things, 3 HTi helps to integrate, execute, and optimize your technology investments like never before.
Simulation Services
Industry leaders agree that using simulation early in the design process offers numerous benefits: lower costs, decreased time to market, and increased product quality, to name a few. If your organization does not have an analysis department and your engineering team is unfamiliar with Simulation tools or only needs to use them on a project basis, 3 HTi can serve as a contracted expert for Simulation services.
Cloud Services
Engineering organizations have many considerations when moving to the cloud – IP security, compliance, system disruptions, and more. Does a cloud environment make sense for your Digital Transformation strategy? 3 HTi offers expert guidance for your cloud migration strategy, from advisory services to a fully managed migration option.

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