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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps support digital transformation in the industrial world by integrating real-time sensor data from your factory floor into the IT systems you are already using.

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PTC ThingWorx Manufacturing Applications integrate real-time sensor data from production assets on the factory floor with your existing IT systems to provide customizable dashboards that centralize key metrics such as:

See and quickly drill down on the status of all your production tools and systems like:

Join the digital transformation in manufacturing to avoid unplanned downtime and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Role-Based Applications

There are three separate Thingworx Manufacturing Apps:

ThingWorx Production Advisor

The ThingWorx Production Advisor is the key to helping plant managers stay on schedule. It provides real-time visibility into production status and critical KPIs such as availability, performance, quality and OEE.


  • Real-time KPI visualizations
  • Comprehensive visibility into all current machine operations and operations history
  • Customizable performance indicators to support your unique business needs
  • Integration between operational and business data sources


  • Improved data-driven decision making
  • Accurate root-cause analysis of performance issues
  • Increased responsiveness to problems in production line
  • Streamlined high-level benchmarking
  • Improved communication between shop floor and top floor

ThingWorx Asset Advisor

The ThingWorx Asset Advisor allows maintenance engineers to remotely monitor the status of your assets and machines in real-time. Proactively plan maintenance and repairs to prevent or minimize the impact of machine downtime.


  • Real-time alerts
  • Real-time monitoring of all assets, their status, and alarms
  • Automatic notifications when machines show unusual behavior
  • Access to asset history in just one click
  • Notifications available via text or email for any server, tag, device, or machine issues


  • More informed maintenance decision-making, planning, and execution
  • Proactively identify issues so they can be resolved with minimal unplanned downtime
  • Visibility into patterns and trends
  • Reduced scrap and rework
  • Improved efficiency and product quality

ThingWorx Controls Advisor

The ThingWorx Controls Advisor allows your team to remotely monitor device and PLC connectivity and utilize trending tools, event logs, and alerts to troubleshoot problems remotely.

Safeguard against critical data loss and unplanned downtime.


  • Complete visibility over all KEPServerEX® and other OPC server instances
  • Instant notifications for any issues
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Simple tag trending
  • Remote access using any browser or mobile devices


  • Quickly and efficiently uncover the root cause of problems for faster traceability, troubleshooting, and resolution
  • More insights into connectivity errors
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Increase flexibility through enhanced remote capabilities

Why ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps?

Thingworx Manufacturing Apps are pre-configured and pre-integrated for rapid deployment.

The ThingWorx Platform

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are part of a comprehensive and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) software system. Advanced IoT and AR capabilities give designers and engineers the tools they need to create incredible customer experiences. This advanced technology helps enterprise organizations develop and deliver powerful solutions with transformative business value.

Looking to create immersive AR experiences for your customers?
Checkout ThingWorx Studio for an easy-to-use design platform that requires no coding skills.

Want to learn more about ThingWorx?

Contact us for pricing and additional information.

Need Help with Installation and Configuration?

We can help! We offer installation and configuration assistance specifically to help you set up your instance of PTC ThingWorx Navigate View:

  • Install database
  • Install ThingWorx composer enterprise IoT framework followed
  • Install of TLS/SSL certificates to secure the ThingWorx web application
  • Install the ThingWorx Navigate View application onto the ThingWorx Composer framework
  • Configure the application with Windchill mutual authentication
  • Configure users and roles for Navigate View
  • Verify operational ThingWorx Navigate View


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