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PTC Windchill Software

PTC Windchill is a premier PLM software solution providing security and traceability for your intellectual property while managing every aspect of your product development and manufacturing processes.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PTC Windchill is a proven out-of-the-box PLM software solution to managing and collaborating every aspect of information about your product development and manufacturing process.

Windchill acts as the single source of product information all the way up and down the organization.

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Built-in integration with all major product development software including all PTC products.
  • Easy connectivity to other enterprise systems
  • Supports distributed product development and enables real-time collaboration across firewalls
  • Drives cross-enterprise understanding of complex content – regardless of source

PLM and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

PLM plays an important role in every manufacturer’s journey to Industry 4.0 by enabling and simplifying IIoT. From design to manufacturing to after-sale service, IIoT improves the customer and company experience, saving both time and money.

During the design phase of product development, PLM helps companies develop smart, connected products that work today and into the future. By providing a single source of truth for product specs and test results, PLM helps to reduce errors and miscommunication and speed up time to market.

As you approach the production phase, PLM helps your team design the most efficient and quality-conscious processes and monitors the processes to ensure adherence to specs. IIoT alerts notify the team whenever the process approaches out-of-bounds thresholds, enabling quick adjustments and preventing unplanned downtime and poor quality.

When products are installed at a customer site, PLM helps technicians service or repair equipment quickly. They get automatic diagnoses so they can bring any required parts, and connection to the latest BOMs and specs ensures they can execute preventive or repair services quickly and accurately, saving money and helping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Windchill PLM is an essential part of every manufacturer’s IIoT arsenal.

PTC Windchill Products:

ThingWorx Navigate: ThingWorx Navigate is a set of seven apps that allow users across your company to easily access current product data from Windchill.

PTC PLM Cloud: Instant, production-ready PLM deployed and maintained for you in the cloud. This is the easiest way to get started with PLM.

PTC Windchill Visualization and Division Mockup: PTC offers a robust set of visualization and division mock-up collaboration solutions to enhance group collaboration during product development.

PTC Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse: Enterprise-wide web-based library that allows you to organize internal design libraries and make them available to your engineering team through flexible, easy-to-use searching mechanisms.

PTC Windchill ProjectLink: Collaboration software that securely harnesses the talents and energy of the entire team, inside or outside of your firewall. Windchill ProjectLink provides powerful web based collaboration tools for effective group product development.

PTC Windchill PDMLink: A content and process management solution that allows companies to expertly manage all forms of content via a single repository.

PTC Windchill Supplier Management: Manage, analyze, and communicate critical supply chain information.

PTC Windchill Integrations: Products to help optimize product development to seamlessly integrate cross-application data compatibility and information exchange.

PTC Windchill Archive: Allows you to purge unneeded information from your database, to archive that information to long-term storage, and to easily restore the information when you need it.

Windchill 12

3 HTi is excited about the improvements and changes this major release has brought to our PLM customers.

New tools:

  • Proof of traceability tools to help organizations respond to adverse events quickly and manage critical quality design characteristics
  • Arbortext thumbnail publishing to simplify the creation and maintenance of product documentation
  • Multi-body design support to align with the latest features in Creo 7 Augmented reality (AR) workflow publication process to improve training and support rapid deployment
  • Windchill business reporting with advanced layout and formatting features

Improved features:

  • Product data access to support improved collaboration among global stakeholders
  • Digital thread ability to support concurrent manufacturing and improved BOM management
  • Deployment support with new tools to help effectively plan upgrades and prove ROI

Weatherford – Managing Data That Will Live Forever

Brochures & Data Sheets

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Case Studies, Brochures and White Papers

Windchill Overview

Windchill 11

PLM Buyer's Guide

PLM Deployment Handbook

Building Continuity Across Products, Processes, and People

Weaving Quality into the Digital Thread

Windchill MPMLink

Windchill Solidworks

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