Vuforia Studio

Create AR experiences quickly - no coding skills required. Rather than showing sketches, designers and engineers can present their products as they would appear in the real world.

AR Experiences in Minutes

Vuforia Studio, previously ThingWorx studio, allows anyone to create beautiful augmented reality (AR) experiences in a matter of minutes – no coding skills required.

Augmented Reality provides enterprise organizations with new ways to present their products to customers. Rather than just showing sketches and other documentation, designers and engineers have the opportunity to present their products as they would appear in the real world.

By leveraging CAD designs and data from IoT devices, designers can create compelling AR experiences quickly and at significantly lower prices compared to traditional tools. Plus, the easy-to-use a drag-and-drop interface makes it possible for anyone in your organization to learn and master quickly.


Vuforia Studio provides designers with the tools they need to:



Vuforia Expert Capture

The Best AR-Based Training and Instruction Platform

Create powerful step-by-step augmented reality (AR) instruction guides to help frontline workers get their jobs done quickly and accurately. AR experiences make it easy to scale expert knowledge across your organization for better skill development and training that increases productivity, reduces waste and scrap, and improves safety and compliance.

Why Vuforia Expert Capture

  • Create AR content experiences quickly: Create guides as needs arise without requiring additional resources or impacting schedules.
  • Simplify knowledge transfer: Pre-built templates make it easy to create and edit AR experiences.
  • Cross-device publishing: Publish content on headsets and mobile devices.
  • Location-based experiences: Location markers can be used to provide direction in more complex multi-step and multi-location guided experiences.

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Vuforia Studio Product Brief

Vuforia Studio for Assisted Reality

Solve Business Problems with AR

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eBook: Improving Efficiency Across the Value Chain with Digital Product Visualization

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