3 HTi provides PTC Certified Training Classes to Advance your Company’s Resources and Investments.

Every week at our training facilities our staff of certified trainers teaches another group of students how to use Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Windchill, Mathcad, Arbortext, Relex, and Productview as well as other products to achieve their companies’ business objectives.

Although our instructors are certified to teach most classes, we place special emphasis on delivering those classes that others typically don’t. This includes manufacturing applications, piping, cabling, surfacing, mold design applications, BMX, and MDX, building information modeling, construction documentation, and rendering techniques. For the most strategic skills, such as Top Down Design and Large Assembly Management, we also offer a proven alternative educational curriculum.

When you need to develop your Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Arbortext, Mathcad, Windchill, Productview, and Relex skills, 3 HTi is your source to advance your Company’s resources. We can place you in one of our regularly scheduled certified training classes that is right for you. Or we can develop custom education resources that meet your special needs on your site.

Two weeks ago I had to travel to our Amory Mississippi facility to teach one of their engineers about Pro/NC. It reminded me of how before we got involved with you and 3HTI, I had gone to all of the [other company’s] classes and how horrible my training had been. Then after spending just a week in with you in house, I was off and running and I haven’t stopped since.

You’ve also helped me many times after that with all the Post Processor/New Machine development.

Just thought you’d like to know the training you provided was excellent and greatly appreciated.

-Tom, Engineered Valves



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Assistance in Challenging Times

At 3 HTi, we understand that all manufacturing industries are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and one area that is hit harder is technical training and support. For industrial manufacturers and other hands-on industries, the close contact required for training and support activity is no longer an option due to quarantining and social distancing to reduce spread of COVID-19.

In an effort to assist our customers and reduce business disruptions during this critical time, 3 HTi is offering 2 hours of Remote Distance Coaching per Creo License and, in partnership with PTC, 3 HTi is offering Vuforia Chalk at no cost for a limited time.

Vuforia Chalk is a remote assistance app that uses augmented reality for knowledge transfer between a technician and a remote expert. The powerful remote presence experience of Vuforia Chalk combines live video, audio and the ability for both the remote and local participant to annotate a live shared view. Annotations in Chalk accurately stick to real-world objects, even when people move around, utilizing advanced augmented reality and marker-less computer vision technologies developed on the best-in-class Vuforia AR platform.  To learn more about Vuforia Chalk, visit our webpage.

Remote Distance Coaching will be provided to 3 HTi customers for 2 hours for each license of Creo.  If you have 3 licenses of Creo, you would get 6 hours of Coaching.  This can assist your CAD users whether they are working in your office, or remotely at home.

Creo Home Use License – All subscriptions of Creo include a home use license.  Let us know of you need any assistance accessing the home use license for Creo.

Click here to contact us, and we will assist you with either program.  We sincerely hope you and your family are safe and healthy!

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  • A floating license will allow multiple people to share a license if they use it at different times. If everyone needs access at the same time, you will need multiple licenses.

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