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Studio System™ 2

Office-friendly metal 3D printing in just 2 steps — Print. Sinter. Making complex, high-performance metal parts has never been easier. Featuring a breakthrough two-step process, next-generation Separable Supports, and a software-controlled workflow, the Studio System 2 makes it simpler than ever to produce custom metal parts.

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Print to Sinter

The Studio System 2 unlocks two-step processing with a fully re-engineered materials library. New material formulations allow printed parts to be placed directly into the furnace, without the need for the typical solvent debind phase. The result is an easy-to-manage two-step process with a nearly hands-free experience.

High-Quality Parts

Easily produce difficult-to-machine parts featuring complex geometry like undercuts and internal channels. Fabricate, the software at the heart of the Studio System, automates complicated metallurgical processes to produce high-quality parts with densities and feature accuracy similar to casting.

Reliable Processing

The Studio System 2 leverages data and feedback from thousands of prints and hundreds of customers. Designed to deliver outstanding part success and excellent surface finish, the system allows users to achieve first-time part success across a wide range of geometries. This is made possible by a fully re-engineered material platform, updated interface technology and new print profiles.

No Special Facilities Requirement

The Studio System 2 features a two-step process that eliminates the need for solvents and uses materials that can be easily stored and handled, making it ideal for use in an office environment – no special facilities and no respiratory PPE needed. The only requirements are an internet connection, ventilation and power, making it easy to quickly start printing metal parts.

Industry Use Cases


3D printing opens new opportunities for automotive manufacturers: rapid prototyping, creating more complex parts, identifying opportunities for assembly consolidation, and introducing on-demand production for extreme customization.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods manufacturers can use the Shop System ™ for rapid prototyping and testing of new designs for functionality and market feedback. It also enables flexible manufacturing ability for low-volume and regional production that allows greater design freedom for customization.

Machine Design

Machine designers can use 3D printing to create and test multiple part variations, create geometry that cannot be machined, consolidate large assemblies into fewer parts, and print custom parts on-demand to reduce warehousing costs.

Heavy Industry

Create highly customized components from hard-to-machine materials, keep pre-part costs low for custom or low-volume parts, and enable the creation of new designs with greater geometric complexity.

Manufacturing Tooling

3D printing can be an invaluable resource for companies producing manufacturing tooling, allowing faster and cheaper production of complex, custom tooling. Easily replace tools as needed, reducing downtime on your manufacturing floor.


Students can bring their work to life, helping them build transferable career skills and developing additive manufacturing champions for the future workforce.

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