If you’re a car owner, you’ve realized that your car is more like a collection of electronics and computers than a Model-T. Thanks to this increased complexity, the auto industry is leading the way in digital transformation investment.

ABI Research identified automotive as the leading DX investor in a recent white paper, followed, by electronics/high tech, oil and gas, and fast-moving consumer goods. ABI forecasts the auto sector to spend $100 billion on digital transformation for 2022 alone, with that figure growing to $238 billion by 2030. A main driver (no pun intended) is the shift from internal combustion engines to electric drivetrains, among other considerations.

augmented reality in use for an auto plant

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need advanced software to design new types of vehicles. As they innovate, they must work with their Tier One Parts suppliers to ensure the components used will meet not only performance requirements but also sustainability considerations. Investments in robotics and automation in manufacturing require more powerful software solutions. Additionally, the end product must appeal to customers. A modern auto manufacturer relies on a fully integrated and digitized ecosystem, including PLM, ERP, systems engineering, quality control, inventory and BOM management, simulation tools, and more. Add in digital rendering for advertising and the OEM doesn’t need to actually produce a physical product until it’s rolling off the production line. Choosing the right tools can make or break a product cycle — how do you do it better, faster, cheaper?

As auto manufacturers invest in digital transformation tools, PTC has emerged as the industry choice for design and manufacturing software. If you ask any major auto manufacturer from Detroit to Gothenburg, PTC is a critical partner for their design process. However, you don’t need to be a multinational manufacturer to use these solutions. As a platinum-level partner and PTC’s largest North American partner, 3 HTi can help your company build a custom digital transformation strategy that fits your needs and budget. Whether you need to start small with a cleaner, modernized data management system or you want to deploy smart connected machinery on your manufacturing floor, 3 HTi can guide and manage your project.

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