KeyShot 9

This 3D rendering and animation application works in real-time so you can quickly and easily create photo-realistic images of 3D data in minutes.

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The Simplicity of 3D Rendering and Animation

  • Simplifies the media creation process
  • Intuitive, streamlined user interface
  • Revolutionary animation workflow
  • Create fully rendered animations in real time

KeyShot is a standalone 3D rendering and animation application for anyone with a need to quickly and easily create photo-realistic images in minutes.

KeyShot 9

KeyShot 9 brings:

  • RealCloth™: The latest patent-pending technology from Luxion brings the most realistic creation and visualization of woven materials. Users can control the wave pattern and add flyaway fibers for increased realism.
  • Denoise: Use CPU and GPU modes to eliminate noise in Real-Time View and render output to create smooth, beautiful images up to 30x faster.
  • Web Configurator: Generate interactive browser-based product configurators. Users can feature fully-rendered product variations and include the models, materials, and Studios.
  • 3D Model Library: The updated model library has the latest specially curated 3D models to complements products in your scene. Models can be customized with materials and textures, with an easy drag-and-drop interface to add them to scenes.
  • GPU Mode: Access GPU resources in a single click and harness the full power of GPU-accelerate ray tracing power in NVIDIA RTX-capable GPUs. It can be used for both real-time rendering as well as local render output. 


  • Import your data into KeyShot
  • Drag and drop materials, adjust the lighting, and move the camera


  • Everything happens in real-time
  • Unique rendering technology makes it possible to see all changes to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly


  • KeyShot is the most accurate rendering solution for your 3D data
  • Scientifically accurate materials and real-world lighting
  • KeyShot has Partnered with companies such as Axalta Color Collections, Pantone®, and Mold-Tech® to simulate materials direct from the source


  • KeyShot allows animation to be an easy workflow to showcase your work
  • Revolutionary design that does not rely on the traditional use of keyframes
  • Individual movements are applied to parts and cameras
  • Reduced complexity of creating animations and increased ability to make changes
  • All setup, edits, and playback occur in a real-time ray-traced environment

CPU Powered

  • KeyShot takes full advantage of all cores and threads inside a computer.
  • Performance scales linearly with the number of cores and threads in your system
  • No special hardware or graphics card requirement


  • Supports many popular CAD formats
  • On import, model hierarchy is maintained along with part and assembly names
  • Changes made to your model can import back into KeyShot without having to reassign lighting or materials
  • Plugins for many 3D CAD packages available


  • Upload extremely large data sets
  • No restrictions on the size of the data set as long as the computer has enough memory available
  • Highly optimized making it possible to work with models with tens of millions of polygons even on a laptop

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