Mathcad Prime 7.0

Easily perform, document, and share calculation and design results. Improve design communication with the ability to simultaneously solve and document engineering calculations in a single reusable worksheet.

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What’s new in Mathcad Prime 7.0:

  • Convert legacy worksheets: The new standalone converter means you don’t need a separate legacy Mathcad installation to use and convert existing worksheets.
  • Combo-box input controls: Users can now control calculations with combo boxes that feature drop-down menus with variable definitions, which makes it possible to work with calculations where more than one variable might want to be considered.
  • Improved UI and tools: Users can now save worksheets in PDF formats and have better visibility when scrolling and zooming. Plus, the symbolics engine has been further enhanced since its release in Mathcad Prime 6.0 allowing PTC to push regular updates to improve functionality.

Mathcad Prime software enables engineers to easily perform, document and share calculation and design results. Mathcad Prime’s interface accepts and displays units aware math notation using keystrokes or menu palette clicks with no programming required. What sets Mathcad Prime apart is that it’s easy-to-use. In fact, it’s the first software solution to enable users to simultaneously solve and document engineering calculations in a single reusable worksheet, which can be saved or easily converted to several formats. Mathcad Prime’s intuitive interface combines live, standard math notation, text and graphs, in a presentable format which enables knowledge capture, reuse and design verification for improved product quality.

Features and Benefits:

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Datasheet: Mathcad 8.0

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