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brings a simulation-driven design environment. With its powerful analysis capabilities embedded in mainstream CAD software, users are able to synchronize design changes and validate product designs. It helps users to solve design difficulties more easily and more efficiently.



precisely simulates 3D fiber orientation and calculates process-induced anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties for fiber-reinforced plastic parts. With its accurate warpage prediction, users can achieve cost reduction and strength improvement.


Advanced Hot Runner

provides a simulation tool to visualize temperature distribution of runners and moldbase. Users can investigate the process, including heating coils, manifolds and hot nozzles, to further elaborate temperature control system and the risk of thermal degradation of plastic materials and achieve optimization of hot runner system.


Injection Compression

helps users accurately simulate the injection compression molding process, generally applied to thin and flat products, such as light guide plates or CD disks. The effects of key process conditions, including delay time and compression gap, on cavity pressure and volume shrinkage distributions can be simulated and visualized.



provides powerful modeling solutions that allow users to obtain insights of critical characteristics of the process such as material interface and distribution, and therefore benefits companies on process optimization and development cost savings.


Gas-Assisted Injection

visualizes 3D flow behaviors when the gas is injected into the cavity through the melt entrance or specific gas entrances. Typical gas injection molding issues, such as fingering effects, blow-through or corner effect, can be predicted to help users investigate the real production process and increase manufacturability.


Water-Assisted Injection

visualizes 3D flow behaviors when the water is injected into the cavity through the melt entrance or specific water entrances. Users can simulate the real production process and control key process conditions more effectively.



can completely simulate the whole filling behavior of nucleation of bubbles and cell growth when the molten polymer fills the cavity during the injection process. The module can predict the shrinkage compensation during the packing, and further the warpage results. The module can simulate the results including microcellular number density distribution, cell size distribution, average density and volumetric shrinkage.

*MuCell® is a registered trademark of Trexel Inc.



takes viscous and elastic properties of polymetric materials into calculation to effectively estimate flow-induced residual stress, warpage analysis and optical properties predictions.



provides an analysis for optical components, including birefringence, retardation and polarization. Integrated with CODE V, Moldex3D Optics also enables users to simulate non-uniform refractive index more precisely for high-quality lens production.



can simulate the capillary flow, which is influenced by the surface tension of encapsulant and the contact angle among encapsulant, bumps and substrate of dispensing process for flip chip underfill. Moldex3D Underfill allows users to input real dispensing procedure and predict the locations of voids in underfill process, to highly increase productivity.



is a professional tool that helps users evaluate the appropriate settings of runner size, gate location and optimal process conditions for injection molding part designs. Using the DOE (Design of Experiment) method, it brings more efficient molding optimization.



provides complete stress simulation capabilities for parts and part inserts. By setting up boundary conditions on meshes, such as stress or force, structural performance can be accurately visualized and analyzed, avoiding potential quality problems.


FEA Interface

is a series of FEA interface modules integrated with leading structural CAE software, including ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Marc, Nastran and Radioss. The modules help users evaluate process-induced properties, such as residual stress or temperature, for structural FEA meshes.



provides the accurate prediction on melt volume and temperature distributions with the process-induced effects in the screw and barrel to help users evaluate the screw performance and its optimal design.

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