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Moldex3D/eDesign efficiently verifies your part/mold designs through the synergy of true 3D capabilities, parallel computing technology, and a user-friendly workflow.  Not only will you moldex eDesignminimize your design cycle and time-to-market, but you will maximize your return on investment.

Moldex3D/eDesign Feature Highlights:

Pioneering 3D Technology—Reliable Results

Although inaccurate results can occur with the shell meshing approach used by others, Moldex3D/eDesign provides reliable results as the first 3D simulation package customized for part/mold design teams.  Equipped with a pioneering 3D kernel and meshing engine, you can be confident with the results of your design studies using Moldex3D/eDesign.

Parallel Computing–High–speed Calculation

Time–to–market has never been so critical in global competition. The parallel computing technology of Moldex3D/eDesign not only dramatically enhances the calculation performance, but also saves you time for reliable 3D analysis can be done during a coffee break!

Intelligence–Cooling & Runner Wizards

Easy–to–use solutions are always appreciated. The intelligence of the Moldex3D/eDesign runner and cooling wizards helps you be more effective.  Now you can easily define runners, sprues, drops and cold slugs; create an entire feeding/cooling system; and quickly optimize the design.

Flexibility — Optimize Your Design

Fed up with the high costs of mold trials or the incomplete design resulted from unexpected compromise with manufacturability?  Moldex3D/eDesign, as a professional advisory tool for part/mold design, provides the opportunity to cost-effectively explore many potential revisions to improve your design during any point in the development cycle.

Teamwork — Enhance Cross-department Collaboration

From concept generation through CAD design, tooling and production, the collective intelligence of your key personnel is enhanced by the seamless communication supported by Moldex3D/eDesign. The flexible licensing, user-friendly workflow and approachable interface all make Moldex3D/eDesign a highly-efficient platform for cross-department collaboration and confident decision making.

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