Pro/ENGINEER Collaboration


Pro Engineer Collaboration ChairTeamwork Teamwork enabled collaboration…Product development is a complex team activity. With a variety of functional areas participating, differing CAD applications in use, and disparate locations involved—it is generally not effectively coordinated. With a range of collaboration software tools – from simple email-based design sharing, to a complete solution that couples real-time design conferencing and project management — Pro/ENGINEER aids teamwork to help the team succeed.

Pro/ENGINEER Design Collaboration

Real-time design collaboration…Now, more than ever, efficient collaboration among team members is vital to a product’s success. Ideally, dispersed stakeholders would communicate as naturally as if they were in the same room. With Pro/ENGINEER Design Collaboration, team members can work securely and efficiently – across time zones and firewalls – with other development sites, partners, and customers.

eDrawings for Pro/ENGINEER

Share designs via e-mail…Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily collaborate on your Pro/ENGINEER files with colleagues, partners, and customers via e-mail? Now you can. With eDrawings for Pro/ENGINEER — a free downloadable e-mail based tool –you can share 2D and 3D data quickly and effectively among your team.

Pro/ENGINEER Design Conferencing Participant

Obstacle-free design conferencing…Often times, non-technical team members or non-Pro/ENGINEER designers must weigh in on a product’s direction. Location, role, or primary CAD tool should not be an obstacle to efficient design collaboration. With Pro/ENGINEER Design Conferencing Participant, team members – even non-Pro/ENGINEER users—can engage in secure, real-time design conference to quickly and inexpensively converge on the right product design.

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