CAD Data Management

Pro Engineer CAD Data ManagementData Management with Pro/Intralink for Pro/Engineer When multiple people work together on a product, providing access, managing everyone’s data and integrating revisions is critical to delivering a product on time. From workgroups to enterprise-wide deployments, PTC enables engineers to focus on creating innovative designs and making CAD data management a background process. PTC offers two deployment options to choose from: Pro/INTRALINK and Windchill PDMLink.


Workgroup data management…With production-proven Pro/ENGINEER workgroup CAD data management capabilities, Pro/INTRALINK is the industry-standard solution to manage concurrent design teams and the power of Pro/ENGINEER data associatively. Engineers easily perform data management tasks, so they can concentrate on innovative product design. The result: more control, higher quality designs, and happier engineers.

  • Common working environment and methodologies for Pro/ENGINEER users that improve engineering efficiency
  • Centralized vaulting and revision control of Pro/ENGINEER models, relationships, and functionality for improved information security and accuracy
  • Individual and group level access control to determine when changes are permitted, whom can make them, and communicating changes broadly
  • Powerful searching tools, product configuration reports, and easy copying/renaming of existing designs facilitates design re-use
  • Intuitive user interface improves productivity and simplifies data management activities