Exciting news reverberates in the software development sphere as G2, the premier peer-to-peer software review site, bestows Codebeamer, PTC’s cutting-edge technology, with the prestigious double leader status in both Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Requirements Management tools, based on stellar customer reviews.

Sylvia Vollering, PTC’s Senior Director of ALM Segment Marketing, expresses immense pride, stating, “We are eminently proud to be named as a leader in both ALM and Requirements Management by G2. Receiving this recognition solidifies the hard work all our teams do on a daily basis to deliver a great product to market. However, the most valuable insights come from our customers’ feedback. Their input truly highlights the significant impact that Codebeamer can have within an organization.”

G2’s comprehensive data analysis and comparison of ALM platforms culminated in the selection of Codebeamer as a leader in multiple categories. In the Fall 2023 Grid® Report for ALM Software Suites, Codebeamer stands out among industry giants, boasting a remarkable Satisfaction score that secures its place in the Leader category. Impressively, 94% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, attesting to its exceptional user experience.

In the Momentum Grid® Report for Requirements Management Fall 2023, Codebeamer once again outshines the competition. An 97% Satisfaction rate and a 96 review rate underscore the platform’s direction and user approval. Furthermore, Codebeamer has been recognized as a Leader in the Enterprise Grid® Report for ALM Software Suites Fall 2023.

Breaking new ground, Codebeamer claims leadership positions in both G2’s EMEA Regional Grid® Report and G2’s Americas Regional Grid® Report for ALM Software Suites Fall 2023. This dual regional acknowledgment reinforces Codebeamer’s global appeal and effectiveness.

G2 has acknowledged Codebeamer’s excellence across various organizational scales, designating it as a leader in Mid-Market, Small-Business, and Enterprise categories for both ALM Software Suites and Requirements Management in their Fall 2023 Grid® Reports.

What sets Codebeamer apart is its widespread user appeal.  Users across the Americas and EMEA regions have embraced Codebeamer as an outstanding choice for organizations seeking a powerful and versatile ALM solution. With the coveted “Users Love Us” badge proudly worn, Codebeamer remains committed to delivering exceptional solutions to its innovative customers worldwide in the years to come.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of Codebeamer:

Codebeamer Requirements Management:

As a leader in ALM, Codebeamer excels in Requirements Management, offering a feature-rich environment that streamlines collaboration and enhances project efficiency. Seamlessly manage, track, and prioritize requirements with Codebeamer’s intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth development process from conception to deployment.

Codebeamer Pricing:

Curious about Codebeamer ALM Pricing? At 3 HTi, explore transparent and flexible pricing options tailored to your organization’s needs. Codebeamer ensures that you get optimal value for your investment, providing cost-effective solutions that align with your budget constraints. Find more here

Codebeamer Application lifecycle management (ALM):

Codebeamer isn’t just about managing requirements; it’s a comprehensive ALM solution that sets a new standard in software development. Embrace the power of Codebeamer’s ALM capabilities, offering a robust and scalable framework that adapts to your project dynamics. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to ALM, Codebeamer provides a seamless experience, ensuring your team remains in sync throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Ready to transform your development journey? Supercharge your software development with Codebeamer’s advanced ALM capabilities. Explore, innovate, and thrive with Codebeamer – your ultimate solution for elevated software development.

Supercharge your software development with Codebeamer. Embark on a journey of innovation at 3HTi to experience the unparalleled capabilities of our cutting-edge technology.

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