Whether you’re just looking for a few 3D printed parts, or you’re looking to outsource production for short or long-run manufacture, 3 HTi can match you with one of our dozens of manufacturing partners.

We have both on-shore and off-shore contract manufacturing partners with the expertise you need to optimize quality, speed, and cost.

Contact 3 HTi so we can discuss your specific Contract Manufacturing needs and see how we can help!


Some of the technologies that our partners work with include:

  • Direct Digital Manufacturing (aka 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing)

    • Direct Metal Laser Sintering – DMLS

      This metallurgic process utilizes laser sintering of metals for prototyping or limited-run manufacturing.

    • Selective Laser Sintering – SLS

      A laser shapes materials into a finished functional part.

    • Fused Deposition Modeling – FDM

      This additive manufacturing process lays down layers of material to process durable, quality, and cost-effective thermoplastic products with speedy turnaround.

    • Stereolithography – SLA

      This precise process uses lasers to cure thin layers of liquid plastic to create a detailed part. When a prototype or product needs to be made of flexible plastic with a polished surface, stereolithography gets it done.

  • Traditional Manufacturing

    • Machining
    • Casting
    • Molding
    • Joining