PTC Creo Simulate Live is the latest addition to the Creo family. It saves design and engineering time by performing 3D simulations in real time as changes are made to models. Integrated with ANSYS, this new technology eliminates wasted productivity that occurs from having to wait for simulations to finish and for results to be produced.

Why Use Simulation

Completing simulation early and often in the design process helps teams make educated design refinements and decisions.

Benefits of CAD Simulation

When used to support an analysis driven design approach, CAD simulation helps organizations:
• Lower the total lifecycle cost
• Speed up time to market
• Design to realize price premium
• Increases the quality and performance of products
• Decreases product development costs

Completing simulation early and often in the design process allows teams to make informed design decisions.

CAD Simulation Challenges

Designers and engineers understand the value of CAD simulation but are often faced with a variety of challenges, making it not as useful of a tool as it could be.
Analysis takes a long time: Traditional CAD simulation methods require simulations to be performed after every model modification. These simulations take a long time and if you multiply that by all the smaller changes you make early in the design process your team spends a lot of time just waiting for results. This time-consuming process forces analysis to be used as an end-step validation process.
Limited support for analysis-lead design: Since analysis takes a long time there is little support across teams to drive design and optimization decisions based on simulation results. So again, it is used as a last validation check step instead of its full potential.
Reliance on other methods: Since analysis is completed late, it is often completed alongside or right before physical prototyping and testing. Using analysis in this way defeats the purpose and benefits that it provides in terms of saving time and optimizing resource use.

The time constraints associated with CAD simulation has turned it into a last-step validation tool instead of a way to support decision-making.

Creo Simulate Live

To combat these challenges, Creo has partnered with ANSYS to create Creo Simulate Live. This platform removes the barriers between CAD and CAE to create a single unified modeling and simulation environment. It allows designers and engineers to see simulation results in real-time to significantly improve efficiency and support an analysis-driven design approach.

Creo Simulate Live Capabilities

Creo Simulate Live includes advanced capabilities powered by ANSYS technology to provide engineers with results in real time.
Run simulations quickly: Engineers can quickly run complete simulations (loads, constraints, etc.) with just a few basic parameters defined using the common and consistent Creo UI that engineers are used to.
Single environment for design and simulation: Creo Simulate Live is supported by the ANSYS discovery simulation engine which is embedded natively within Creo allowing for powerful parametric and direct editing.
Real-time results: Instant results means that engineers can rapidly define and perform linear analysis. Plus, it gives them the ability to focus on refinement, speed, and interactivity with their products.
Proprietary Technology: The ANSYS technology includes advanced meshing and solving capabilities.

These advanced capabilities make common CAD simulation challenges a non-issue.

Creo Simulate Live Benefits

The Creo Simulate Live platform is integrated into the Creo platform that you already know and love. It is also:
• Easy to use
• Utilizes a common data model
• Completes powerful linear analysis
• Provides instant results and feedback

Improve your products in a combined design and simulation environment using the Creo tools and UI you already know and love.

Creo Simulate Live System Requirements

This advanced technology only works on computers with the following GPU specifications:
• Dedicated NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card
• Minimum 4GB video RAM (8GB video RAM recommended)

Revolutionize How You Complete CAD Simulations with Creo Simulate Live

Creo Simulate Live supports your team in their efforts to consistently create the lighter, faster, and stronger products of tomorrow. With every change analyzed in seconds, it’s not just convenient and fast but it provides you with insight and guidance as part of your normal development workflows. You don’t need to waste time simplifying geometry, creating meshes, or moving between windows, you have all the tools you need in a single integrated platform.

Interested in purchasing Creo Simulate Live or have any additional questions? Contact us.