Create designs faster with powerful, simple-to-use automation tools tailor-made for engineered-to-order custom products.

CONTROLS Pro Studio (CPS) is a Rapid Application Development software tool that bridges the gap between sales, design, engineering and manufacturing. The software integrates with PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, and Autodesk Inventor.

CONTROLS Pro Studio allows users to quickly output quotes, orders and manufacturing plans for engineered-to-order products. It automates tasks that would normally be handled by design and engineering professionals, like making sure a product meets engineering, safety and design requirements. With CONTROLS Pro Studio’s CONTROL BASED DEFINITIONS (CBD), companies can minimize manual involvement, allowing engineers to focus on what they do best: innovating and producing new products.

Controls Pro Studio

Some of the software’s key capabilities and features include:

  • Generate automated and interactive interfaces to drive the project, including design checks and rules for validity of the design
  • Centralize business rules
  • Generate automated configurations of parts and sub- assemblies for manufacturing using selected designs driven from the interactive interface
  • Generate automated validated design information, including 3D/2D visuals, for each configuration run by the interactive interface
  • Manage automatically all revisions and all engineering data and quotes in secure vaulting system

Deploying Controls Pro Studio helps engineering and design companies in the following areas:

  • Application Engineering – Use Sales input to engineer a product solution within the boundaries of the competency of the manufacturer
  • Cost Estimating – Use the Process Plan with the company’s capacity standards within the ERP system to predict the cost of machine time and labor required to build the designed product
  • Design Control – Track changes from the quoted configuration to ensure accurate invoicing and project history
  • Design Engineering – Prepare a detailed geometric design of the engineered product solution with associated Bill of Materials data identifying all the raw materials and purchased components needed for production
  • Manufacturing Engineering – Prepare a detailed Process Plan identifying all of the tooling, setup, fabrication, machining, welding, assembly, CNC programs, and testing operations required to produce the product
  • Purchasing – Reference the Bill of Materials with the company’s cost standards maintained within the ERP system to get the cost of acquiring all components required to build the designed product
  • Sales & Marketing – Manage customer contact, promote interest in a unique product, and collect detailed specifications you need to accurately engineer and price your customer’s request
  • Technical Documentation – Generate professional sales visuals, quotation drawings, production drawings, and process instructions to win purchase orders and guide production activities

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