You probably think of complex electronic components when you consider the best use cases for PTC Creo design suite. But there’s something else essential to the everyday smartphone that requires hardcore design time: its case.

Janus Precision Components, a company headquartered in Guangdong Province, China, helps create protective cases for a number of smartphones. Their clients include global brands like Sharp, Samsung, Kyocera, Amazon, Huawei, and Oticon.

The Samsung Alpha is the first Samsung Galaxy smart phone with a high-quality metal frame combined with a luxury look and feel. Janus is one of the key suppliers of structural components for the groundbreaking phone.

Award-winning design, swiftly

Founded in 2003, Janus now has 29 patents to its name, with another 21 pending. They have also won top honors from clients, including top Supplier awards from Huawei and Samsung’s Gold Innovation Award. They are one of China’s top 10 mold makers; and advanced mold production and fabrication techniques help keep them competitive.

Janus’ engineering team relies on Creo to deliver flexible and powerful product designs, and with a swift go-to-market strategy.

With Creo, Janus can build parts that are leveraged easily, and that which can be revised for diverse clients. That’s a vital capability for a company who creates “leading technology in manufacturing precision structural components for mobile phone and tablet PCs.”

Creo also helps the team iterate freely with easy, intuitive direct 3D modeling. According to Jeong, JY, a senior design engineer at Janus, their team “[prefers] Creo over SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor because of its ease of use.”

By standardizing its engineering and manufacturing sites on Creo, Janus has cut its design costs by 10 percent. They’ve also cut errors by nine percent, and shortened innovation design cycles by seven percent. The design is in the details — and so is Creo.   

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