We at 3 HTi are asked often about the value that is provided from having Global Support from PTC. This is normally asked by customers that don’t experience any issues with their software wondering why they should renew a Global Support contract. The fact is keeping a Global Support contact to resolve issues is only a portion of the value provided.

Software Support

If you are a Global Support customer, you are entitled to all Major Software releases and Maintenance Releases. Maintenance Releases bring new functionality and improved performance as a key part of the support value. It also provides resources to help understand what is needed to adopt a new release. Maintenance Releases also optimize system performance and reduce risk by providing compatibility and security updates.

Here are some of the updates for Software Support over the past year:

  • 26 Major Software Releases for PTC products, including Creo 3.0, Windchill 10.2, Mathcad 3.0, and Creo Elements Direct 19.0
  • 139 maintenance Releases:
    • 60 MCAD Releases
    • 55 Extended PLM Releases
    • 24 Arbortext updates
  • Upgrades to eSupport, included any-device access and proactive support alerts
  • Support Advisor gives alerts and information on Maintenance Releases, Major Software Releases, as well as tips and techniques.
  • Quality Management System Certified for 15 continuous years for ISO 9001 2008 compliance
  • Association of Support Professionals 2014 Award Winner for the years Ten Best Web Support Sites!

When you are continually updating your software and utilizing all of the latest enhancements and security, this helps you optimize your software purchase. You are then able to better control your product development process, control costs and stay ahead of your competition.

PTC Global Support enhancements also include significant strides in web tools and resources, a comprehensive online customer support guide, and various online support programs designed with specific use cases in mind. All there to ensure you have everything you need to create groundbreaking products.

For an extensive look at what PTC Global Support offers, download the complete list of Global Support enhancements.

To talk to 3 HTi about upgrading to Creo 3.0, click here.