PTC Navigate is universal data access software that can help enterprises keep their product data organized and up to date. By providing everyone in your organization with the data access they need, users can make accurate product decisions throughout the entire development process. This accelerates product development, helping your organization get products to market faster while also saving time and money.

Whoa there – I thought we were talking about PTC Navigate. What is ThingWorx Navigate?

PTC recently changed the name of PTC Navigate to Thingworx Navigate. However, the software has not changed. ThingWorx Navigate is still the robust product data management solution that you know and love.

ThingWorx Navigate is the same PTC Navigate software you know and love – just with a new name.

Why PTC Navigate/Thingworx Navigate?

Simple and Customizable Applications

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate is a suite of simple and customizable applications that your team can use to access product data. The applications include:

  • View document
  • View requirements
  • View design files
  • View drawing
  • View and measure in 3D
  • View part properties
  • View parts list
  • View part structure

Customizable role-based applications can be easily modified to fit your organization’s unique needs.

A Wide Range of Benefits

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate includes a wide range of benefits that help your organization produce smart and connected products. These benefits help you keep your competitive edge in an ever evolving product market and include:

  • Device compatibility: PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate is compatible with all major mobile and computer operating systems, so you don’t need to invest in new hardware – your users can use whatever device they are comfortable with.
  • IoT-enabled: PTC navigate/ThingWorx Navigate is able to compile data from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows you to understand how your products are being used in the real world to in order to further optimize them in the future.
  • Secure: Role-based permissions make it easy for administrators to control the accessibility of data for each individual user.
  • Modular: the application suite can be easily customized to fit your organization’s unique needs.
  • Customizable: besides customizable applications, views and layouts can also adapt to include only the data you need.
  • Searchable: advanced search functions make it easy to find the products and parts you need based on particular properties or attributes included in the CAD file.
  • Integrations: by integrating directly into your PLM, ALM, and ERP systems you can provide users with full context when accessing data.
  • Easy-to-use: an intuitive and customizable UI makes it easy to onboard new users without extensive training.

Universal Data Access with PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate provides your organization with universal data access to create better products faster. An organized system of connected product data allows your team to make more accurate product decisions, which can have huge impacts on your business. It also provides your enterprise with insights into how current products and processes can be further optimized to improve development and increase profitability.

Make better product decisions with PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate. If you would like more information about ThingWorx Navigate or have any questions about our other software solutions, contact us.