Multi-CAD Environments Suck

CAD systems are a huge investment. Between licensing fees per seat, workflow management, and necessary training the costs can be hefty. However, after all that investment, partners and suppliers often find that they have chosen different CAD platforms. This results in a need to invest in a multi-CAD environment even if you’re committed to a workplace with a dominant CAD system in place. And every additional CAD platform that needs to be supported has additional licensing, training, productivity and hardware costs. Bummer, right?

Is your workplace getting held back by a complicated multi-CAD mess?
Creo can help.

Creo is the Only CAD You Need

With Creo 3.0 and Unite Technology the pain of operating in a multi-CAD environment is over. Creo can open, modify, import, and export virtually all major CAD formats. It’s all you need.

Importing a File versus Opening a File

Lots of CAD programs can import or export files. But that’s not the same as opening it with native functionality. There are a few key differences between importing a file and simply opening it. This difference becomes obvious when designers have the ability to:

  • Modify imported components using Creo’s flexible modeling
  • Get updated downstream deliverables like 2D documentation, tooling, and simulation data
  • Use imported data as though it was Creo native

Plus, users can convert the parts and parent assemblies as they need, rather than the entire assembly.

From Frustration to Collaboration

Collaborating early and often across CAD platforms with partners is a challenge for many organizations, and it becomes harder when those partners use different CAD programs. The manual effort required forces everyone to make significant compromises during the design process. And working in a “foreign” CAD program or switching back and forth between different systems is an efficiency nightmare.

Creo can easily help your organization conquer this challenge and work more efficiently. Unite makes sure that consistency is maintained throughout your design process by:

  • Enabling high levels of concurrent engineering
  • Promoting data re-use and sharing
  • Creating and maintaining design intent across CAD platforms
  • Allowing your designers to work in a single CAD environment

Plus, since Creo 3.0 has been deployed in production environments for over three years, it’s rock-solid and dependable. (In fact, Creo 4.0 is just around the corner.) Customers who have already switched love the improved workflow that Unite technology can bring to their teams.

Unite Pays for Itself

With Unite, extraneous licenses for other CAD vendors can be dropped and there is no extra need for translators or “in between” software. Productivity is vastly improved when working with outside parties who rely on other CAD programs. Creo can handle it all.

For Pro/Engineer and Wildfire users or Creo 1.0 and 2.0 users who have gone off maintenance, Unite technology could be the factor that pushes you to upgrade to Creo 3.0.

Eliminating unnecessary licenses by switching to Creo helps it pay for itself!

Convinced? Contact us or call (866)624-3HTi to upgrade to Creo 3.0 with Unite Technology today! We have special deals if you’re upgrading older versions of Creo or Pro/E and we can get you on Creo 3.0 with Unite for as little as $1750!