German RepRap 3D Printers

German RepRap 3D printers offer large print volumes and an open source to materials. These printers have been optimized for professional users to push the limits of 3D printing.


The X400 allows precise and fast 3D printing applications and comes with a well-spaced printing volume of 43L in total. The X400 combines the advantages of German RepRap ́s “open platform” philosophy with the well-known “made in Germany” trademark. Industrial process reliability is our standard. This makes the X400 the perfect choice for precise industrial manufacturing of single large volume components and serial productions of full batches in one printing job.

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The X500 is designed for continuous operation with high temperature materials. The X500 comes with a large building chamber of 500 x 400 x 450 mm (X/Y/Z) and a series of innovative features that focus on the demands of industrial applications. A solid metal frame and an overall weight of more than 180 kg allow for extremely stable and precise operations. The new water-cooled high temperature hot-end combined with the German RepRap “open platform” philosophy make the X500 the best choice for new material developments in the future.

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The X1000 comes with a large printing volume of 480L and a design that meets the highest standards for industrial applications. The solid steel frame and an overall weight of 400kg in combination with additional safety features allow precise industrial manufacturing of single large volume components as well as serial production of full batches in one printing job.

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The L320 printer utilizes Liquid Additive Manufacture (LAM) technology on an open 3D printing platform so you can use a range of readily available materials to print your parts. This new technology combines the use of liquid materials with thermal cross-linking using a halogen lamp to control printing at the molecular level. This makes it possible to create parts using geometries and shapes that were previously very difficult or impossible to manufacture using conventional production methods. All of these features provide businesses with a range of benefits and makes the L320 the ideal printer for a range of applications.


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X500 Brochure

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X400 Data Sheet

X500 Data Sheet

X1000 Data Sheet

X400 Specifications

X500 Specifications

X1000 Specifications

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