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FloEFD is a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tool from Mentor Graphics that can be used within PTC Creo, allowing for a variety of fast and easy flow and heat transfer simulations. This is accomplished by frontloading (moving simulations earlier in the design process) CFD, allowing for increased design quality and productivity. Frontloading reduces the amount of physical models that need to be generated and tested. Eliminating these extra models and steps allows for improved design as multiple options can be evaluated for optimized production, and therefore make it to market faster.
Compared to traditional tools, FloEFD can reduce simulation time by up to 75%.

Who is it for?

This tool can be utilized by all designers. From those with little meshing experience to the most advanced of CFD experts, FloEFD is simple to use. Many of the time consuming steps used in traditional CFD tools are eliminated. In FloEFD these steps are unnecessary as users are able to still get simulations that are accurate and efficient.

What Tasks Can Be Completed?

  • Internal & external flows
  • Transient & steady-state analysis
  • Cavitation in incompressible water flows
  • Mixed, turbulent & laminar flows
  • Relative humidity effects
  • Hypersonic & supersonic flows
  • Free, forced & mixed convection
  • Heat transfer in solid, fluid & porous media

Why This Product?

Watch this short video to learn what makes FloEFD so useful.

It is Completely Embedded

FloEFD is completely embedded in Creo, which means that analysis can occur in the same environment as design, resulting in a variety of benefits:
  1. No exporting or importing necessary. Since the design and analysis all happens in Creo, there is no importing or exporting to deal with. This removes hassle as well the possibility that information could be incorrectly translated. Plus, since there is only one environment the geometric definition is automatically maintained.
  2. Prep for analysis occurs much quicker. It can take a long time to prep models with traditional analysis software but FloEFD makes it easy. The process is streamlined since Creo can remove or suppress unnecessary features before performing analysis.
  3. Parametric variants can be easily investigated. Project settings are consistently maintained and parametric variants needed for investigation can be easily altered and tested. The batch-run feature can sequentially solve variants, design changes can be quantified, and since Creo family tables can be cloned, all variant testing can done quickly.
FloEFD allows designers to do more simulations earlier in the process, make less physical prototypes, and get more done faster within Creo.
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