The Simplicity of 3D Rendering and Animation

  • Simplifies the media creation process
  • Intuitive, streamlined user interface
  • Revolutionary animation workflow
  • Create fully rendered animations in real time

KeyShot is a standalone 3D rendering and animation application for anyone with a need to quickly and easily create photo-realistic images in minutes. The latest version has been optimized for interior virtual realities and responsive website design. Its new animation features include path, DOF and panorama animations. Take a look at this video to get a glimpse at what the new version has to offer.

“As an avid KeyShot user since Version 2, I feel this is the next big step for this amazing rendering program. The huge addition for me is the ‘Interior’ lighting mode. Even if you’re not planning on doing architectural visualization, you’ll appreciate the interioroptimization for those product shots where lifelike daylight with graphic cast shadows produced from the surrounding environment is needed.”
Vitaly Bulgarov – Concept Designer

Designers and engineers use it to spend more time being creative and less time wrestling with technical issues and render times.

  • KeyShot Configurator
  • New Material Types
  • New Texture Mapping
  • Environment List
  • Integrated HDRI Editor
  • Real-time VR Rendering
  • Tab and Hotkey Customization
  • Custom Workspaces


  • Import your data into KeyShot
  • Drag and drop materials, adjust the lighting, and move the camera


  • Everything happens in real time
  • Unique rendering technology makes it possible to see all changes to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly


  • KeyShot is the most accurate rendering solution for your 3D data
  • Scientifically accurate materials and real world lighting
  • KeyShot has Partnered with companies such as Axalta Color Collections, Pantone®, and Mold-Tech® to simulate materials direct from the source


  • KeyShot allows animation to be an easy workflow to showcase your work
  • Revolutionary design that does not rely on the traditional use of keyframes
  • Individual movements are applied to parts and cameras
  • Reduced complexity of creating animations and increased ability to make changes
  • All setup, edits and playback occur in a real time ray-traced environment

CPU Powered

  • KeyShot takes full advantage of all cores and threads inside a computer.
  • Performance scales linearly with the number of cores and threads in your system
  • No special hardware or graphics card requirement


  • Supports many popular CAD formats
  • On import, model hierarchy is maintained along with part and assembly names
  • Changes made to your model can import back into KeyShot without having to reassign lighting or materials
  • Plugins for many 3D CAD packages available


  • Upload extremely large data sets
  • No restrictions on the size of the data set as long as the computer has enough memory available
  • Highly optimized making it possible to work with models with tens of millions of polygons even on a laptop





KeyShot 7 Release


KeyShot 7 is now available for download. The latest version of KeyShot contains performance and stability improvements with new support for SolidWorks 2015 files. Features and improvements include:

  • New lighting presets
  • Real-time region rendering and multi-layer PSD output to improve workflow efficiency
  • Expanded material features with the new Material Graph
  • Material labeling and animation
  • New capabilities for creating scripts, editing geometry and shifting camera verticals quickly