Styling and Surfacing Products

Pro Engineer Chip GraphicStyle Counts…But style is only relevant if it can exist in a reasonably manufactured product. From digital brainstorming to reverse engineering, from aesthetic and technical surfacing to photo-realistic rendering, Pro/ENGINEER CAD Design Software allows product designers to see the product before it becomes reality – while making sure the product can become reality.

Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design
Can quickly and easily create highly precise and distinctly aesthetic product designs.

Combined 2D and 3D digital sketchbook.

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering
Can quickly create stunningly realistic product images.

Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering
Allows the transformation of existing physical products into digital models.

Design Products

Design to Win…Not all AutoCAD software solutions are equal. Since the 3D CAD design impacts so many of the activities of product development, it represents an incredibly valuable asset. Therefore, it must yield quick, but complete and reliable results. With industry-leading performance and legendary modeling robustness, Pro/ENGINEER CAD design software solutions help determine product success.

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly
Enhances the productivity of distributed teams.

Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE
Critical CAD capabilities necessary to bring high quality products to market.

Electrical Systems

We see more and more products every day that have an electrical systems component. To enable these products to be designed accurately, cost effectively, and on schedule, Pro/ENGINEER provides a complete suite of solutions for electrical system design.

Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer
Complete solution for documenting both electrical and mechanical systems.

Pro/ENGINEER Cabling Design
The ability to extract logical information from schematics greatly automates 3D cable routing.

Mechanical Systems

Machinery and industrial equipment generally entails vast arrays of weldments, structural steel, and piping. To ensure that these products are brought to life most effectively – given their inevitably high-levels of assembly and routing sophistication —Pro/ENGINEER provides a complete suite of solutions for mechanical system design.

Pro/ENGINEER Piping Design
Its ability to extract logic from schematics automates 3D pipe routing.

Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework
Tailored for machine designers and equipment manufacturers to simplify and speed structure design.

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