Life cycle cost software that analyzes the lifetime cost of a product

Download Data SheetLife cycle cost software uses reliability information to calculate a product’s cost of ownership. The ability to accurately predict life cycle costs is a key concern in consumer as well as commercial sectors.

PTC Windchill LCC (formerly Relex Life Cycle Cost) offers industry-standard cost breakdown analysis tools, along with a flexible equation editor supporting a range of variables and functions. By combining customizable cost breakdown structures with user-defined equations, PTC Windchill LCC provides a powerful, flexible life cycle cost tool to meet the cost analysis needs unique to your organization or industry.

PTC Windchill LCC lets you compare the cost impact of several alternatives side-by-side, calculate sensitivity and net present value, and forecast costs throughout the design, production, repair and disposal phases of the product’s life. Click here to request a free, 30-day product trial to experience powerful life cycle cost software that offers complete integration with several other quality, reliability and risk analysis tools available in the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite.

Features & Benefits

  • Account for many different types of costs over the lifetime of a product
  • Calculate costs, including total lifetime cost, overall system costs, and line-item costs
  • Compare the cost impact of alternate designs side-by-side
  • Supports parametric, analogy, bottom-up, and direct cost analysis calculation types
  • Perform sensitivity calculations and Net Present Value (NPV) calculations
  • Perform design and development cost analyses to calculate system planning, concept design, and preliminary system design costs