Reliability block diagram software that calculates reliability for complex systems

Download Data SheetReliability block diagrams enable you to accurately evaluate true system metrics by providing support for redundant or parallel configurations, highly complex systems and other real-world scenarios. With reliability block diagram software, you can analyze reliability, availability and cost of complex systems using advanced system modeling. PTC Windchill RBD, or Reliability Block Diagram (formerly Relex OpSim), provides the reliability block diagram and phase diagram tools, together with powerful optimization and simulation techniques, that are necessary for advanced system modeling and analysis.

PTC Windchill RBD provides intuitive graphical tools and a wide selection of maintenance-related calculations to help you model complex system configurations, determine optimal values for spares, and calculate preventive maintenance and inspection intervals while accounting for multiple facets of component maintenance.
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and experience a powerful reliability block diagram tool that offers complete integration with several other quality, reliability and risk analysis tools available in the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite.

Features & Benefits

  • Calculate system metrics, including Failure Rate, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), MTTF (Mean Time to Failure), Reliability, and Availability
  • Model your complete operational profile using phase modeling
  • Specify a calculation goal, such as minimize costs, maximize reliability, or maximize capacity
  • Supported configuration types include series, parallel, redundant, load-sharing, standby, and k-out-of-n
  • Simulation log visually represents failures over time as each simulation is performed
  • Analyze your block diagram to determine the best approach: analytical solutions, simulations, or both