Life Data Analysis that Predicts Failure of Parts

Download Data SheetLife data analysis, also known as Weibull analysis, estimates important life data characteristics of a product, including reliability or probability of failure at a specific time, the mean life and the failure rate. To accurately predict competitive performance over the course of a product’s life, it is essential to gather and analyze a wide range of life data from diverse sources, including design and development, testing, field studies, and customer returns.

PTC Windchill Weibull (formerly Relex Weibull) provides the life data analysis tools necessary to predict failure behavior from data gathered from all phases of a product’s life. Additional features help you track reliability growth, analyze product degradation, plan product testing procedures, calculate optimal maintenance periods, and perform warranty forecasting—all in one, powerful statistical package . Click here to request a free, 30-day product trial and experience powerful life data analysis software that offers complete integration with several other quality, reliability and risk analysis tools available in the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective for all types of products, including mechanical, chemical, electronic, material, and human failures
  • Supports numerous data-gathering methodologies, including inspection, interval, exact times, and suspensions
  • Supports reliability growth methodologies to measure product improvement during the design phase
  • Supports degradation analysis to estimate failure times by tracking part decline
  • Perform warranty forecasting using sales and returns data
  • Features intuitive interface tools, plus a comprehensive selection of plots and graphs