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3HTi is certified and has experience with PLM implementation, upgrades, migration, and support services. Our professional services team provides robust services that offer a wide range of implementation services for Windchill in a shorter amount of time. Our available PLM consulting and PLM services include:

Windchill Installation and Configuration

Our PLM services include installation and configuration of Windchill, file server configuration, license management, setup test environment, backup, and recovery. We even provide PLM consulting that offers best practices and documentation. We also have experience installing Windchill both on-site and within a cloud setting.

Keys activities included in our Windchill installation and configuration PLM services:

Windchill Upgrade and Migration

Our professional PLM services team has over 20 years of experience in upgrades and migrations. We can provide PLM services to:

Windchill CAD Data Management

Our professional PLM services team has many years of experience in CAD Data Management and will assist in configuring Windchill with Creo and other third-party CAD applications.

Windchill System & Business Administration

Our professional PLM services team will provide support and guidance across all aspects of Windchill Business Administration needs including:

Windchill Support Services: Management and Maintenance

A Windchill deployment is complex. The Windchill system itself is complicated with multiple components and data repositories. Proper maintenance of Windchill is an ongoing process requiring many tasks that should be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Any neglect of this essential maintenance or lack of system monitoring knowledge and expertise can lead to system failures, data loss, and lost productivity.

The Windchill System administrator is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the system. Some manufacturers do not have a dedicated system admin for maintaining the Windchill environment. That’s where we come in. We can act as your solution provider to manage and maintain your system so you can focus on what matters – reaching your manufacturing goals.

Think of it this way…. you could take the time to file your own taxes, but how long would that take you? An accountant can get it done much faster and you can focus on more important things. It’s the same with the monthly management for Windchill. You could do it yourself if you are living and breathing PLM, or you can let 3HTi do it for you.

Services included with remote PLM service administration

Brochures & Data Sheets

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Case Studies, Brochures and White Papers

Windchill Overview

Windchill 11

PLM Buyer's Guide

PLM Deployment Handbook

Building Continuity Across Products, Processes, and People

Weaving Quality into the Digital Thread

Windchill MPMLink

Windchill Solidworks

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