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We no longer sell the Markforged line of 3D printers, but we do offer the leading open source material printers from German RapRap, incredible printers from EnvisionTEC, and latest industrial printers from MakerBot. Check them out below.

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The Mark One was the first 3D prinmark-one-printing-materials 3ter capable of incorporating continuous strand carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass into high-quality Nylon. Using the Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF™) process, MarkForged’s groundbreaking machine was able to produce parts up to 30 times as strong as parts reinforced with ABS filament. Moreover, the choice of different materials allow users to reinforce their designs based on factors like:

  • Strength-to-weight
  • Strength with abrasion resistance
  • Strength-to-cost

For the first time, mark-one-printing-materials 2professionals and designers can accelerate their design cycles and make exceptionally durable parts that meet production-grade thermoplastic and metal standards.

Here are some of the strengths of each of the printing materials.

Carbon Fiber CFF™ Filament

Carbon Fiber CFF™ is 20 times stiffer than ABS, and is stronger by weight than 6061-T6 aluminum. This patent-pending composite is perfect for fixtures, jigs, and parts that need the highest strength-to-weight ratio possible.

  • Best strength-to-weight
  • Stiffer than 6061 Almark-one-printing-materials 5
  • Safe, easy, non-toxic
  • Ready to use – no post curing

Kevlar® CFF™ Filament

With higher abrasion and impact resistance, Kevlar® CFF filament is perfect for parts that need to be stiff and tough. Its impressive strength is accompanied by great durability.

  • Best abrasion resistance
  • Impressive strength
  • Safe, easy, non-toxic
  • mark-one-printing-materialsReady to use – no post curing 

Fiberglass CFF™ Filament

Fiberglass filament is the perfect alternative when the strength of Carbon Fiber Filament is needed, but the stiffness and weight are less critical. It offers remarkable strength at a much lower cost.

  • Best strength-to-cost
  • Electrically Insulating 
  • Safe, easy, non-toxic
  • Ready to use — no post curing

Nylon FFF Filamentmark-one-printing-materials 1

The Nylon filament has great fatigue and impact resistance, making it ideal for tabs, clips, and mechanical fasteners. It is also a great protective outer layer for keeping fixtures and tooling from scratching sensitive parts.

  • Tough engineering plastic

  • Low-friction

  • Flexible

  • Non-toxic

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