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mark two printer 1This is a Herter’s Model 72 shotshell reloader, originally purchased in 1971. It’s mostly built from cast iron and is sturdier than typical reloaders available today.

While the cast iron parts are as good as new, after 45 years, the plastic was shot and powder reservoirs had deteriorated. It has no antique value, but is worth restoring for use.

Mark two printer 2

Plastic tubes fit (badly) inside the dispenser body casting.

The original reservoirs were always too small and difficult to empty. Most newer reloaders use removable plastic bottles as reservoirs. They have larger volume and can be capped and used for storage.

IDEA: Make an adapter to take the place of the original tubes, and screw industry-standard bottles into the adapter.

Mark Two printer 3


PROBLEMS: The bottles are larger than the original tubes, so they must be further apart. A tap for cutting bottle threads would be very expensive if you could even find one.

SOLUTION: Make the one-of-a-kind parts using the Mark Forged 3D printer. You can’t cut bottle threads, but you can print them just fine.

Mark Two printer 4

Gray “columns” are ½” PVC conduit accurately cut to length. Long ¼” hex bolts hold the assembly together. A single screw clamps the assembly onto the casting.


Mark Two printer 5

This photo shows the internal honeycomb structure that reduces weight and material usage. The yellow band is Kevlar fiber for strength and stiffness.


Mark Two printer 6

For best results, one should design for the 3D printing process. You can do things with printing you can’t do with machining, and vise-versa.

Mark Two printer 7

EXAMPLE: In metal, one would tap a hole for this bolt. You can cut threads in the printed nylon, but they won’t be strong. Here a shaped recess, which would be difficult to machine, was used to accommodate a nut.

CONCLUSION: The rebuilt reloader meters shot and powder accurately, and works better than new, thanks to the MarkForged Mark Two 3D printer.

Mark Two printer 8            Mark Two printer 9


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