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We no longer sell the Markforged line of 3D printers, but we do offer the leading open source material printers from German RapRap, incredible printers from EnvisionTEC, and latest industrial printers from MakerBot. Check them out below.

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The $5,400 Mark One 3D printer from MarkForged has been redefining what people expect from 3D printed objects since it debuted. Plastic parts it prints can be reinforced with materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, allowing users to create working prototypes and high-quality end-use products – a huge achievement in the world of 3D printing.

As a MarkForged Authorized Reseller, 3 HTi knows their 3D printers can do things their competition can’t. That’s why we partner with MarkForged. Learn More…

3D printing enthusiasts Original Notions decided to put the Mark One to the test by creating a Kevlar-reinforced automobile tow hook. The result: they were able to tow a 3,000 pound car. Want proof? Check out the video below.

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