CAD parts don’t suddenly get retired overnight. Older Creo files are often used for years, even as parts slowly evolve into updated versions. As you continue to upgrade your Creo instances to reap the benefits of advanced tools and technology – we understand that you cannot just abandon all of that old work or take the time to redo it in new Creo file formats. However, there is no need to worry about that! All Creo files have upward compatibility.

All older Creo files work with newer versions of Creo thanks to upward compatibility.

What is Upward Compatibility?

Upward compatibility is the ability of new software to open files that were created in previous versions of the same platform. In the case of Creo, this means that Creo files created using any previous version of Creo, or even Pro/Engineer, can open in a newer version of Creo.

Product engineers rely heavily on old files as the foundation of parts and products. Reusing Creo files with older designs saves time and money and is essential to meeting demanding time-to-market goals. Reusing files ensures quality as previously used high-performing parts can be easily incorporated into new products.

New Creo Files vs Pro/Engineer Files

Many organizations feel like they need to maintain extremely old seats of Creo and Pro/Engineer to ensure that these files can still be opened and used – but this is unnecessary. Creo’s upward compatibility still works even with a 30+-year-old version of Pro/Engineer.

Check out this video to see how a user was able to create a simple Pro/Engineer CAD file and upgrade it using new multi-body design tools available in Creo 7:

Bring Your Past into the Present with Creo

Turning a model built on a decades-old platform into an advanced multi-body part isn’t easy. However, uploading the model into Creo 7 was the easiest part. Once uploaded it acts as any other modern model – which would be the same for any old Creo file.

Once Creo files are uploaded users can:

  • Run real-time simulations with Creo Simulate Live
  • Add MBD annotations with new Multi-body design features
  • Optimize designs and manufacturability with AI and generative design tools
  • … or use any of the other advanced tools and new design techniques supported by Creo 7

No matter when your Creo file was created – you can count on it to work with Creo for years to come.

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