Design cycles are unpredictable. Every engineer, designer, and project manager has a horror story about unforeseen design changes, client requests or malfunctioning technology completely threw their plan off-schedule. What was a carefully crafted timetable suddenly turns into a scramble to deliver a product on time that also has to meet completely new requirements.

No, this type of situation can’t be avoided. But you can keep your cool when it happens to you, by investing in tools that help you effectively manage unexpected changes.

Special FMX: Changing the Story

The truth is most CAD files get exponentially larger as they move downstream. This becomes a challenge to make rapid changes when necessary. Also, dependencies of parts in assemblies are not associated automatically and limited by design constraints. With PTC Creo Flexible Model Extension (FMX), design teams now have the design flexibility needed to handle last-minute changes. No more rebuilding models that can’t be updated without breaking the original design intent. FMX allows users to easily select and edit a range of geometry and features, including rounds and patterns.

There may always be unexpected changes that appear last-minute, but there’s no reason you should always be stressed out by them. PTC Creo FMX is an ideal solution for saving time and reducing errors and anxiety when facing these commonplace issues.

“But what if I am not using Creo or Pro/ENGINEER as my CAD system?” Answer – you don’t need to standardize your CAD system on Creo to reap the benefits of Flexible Modeling. You can upload any CAD file into Creo without a “translator” or the need to create a STEP or IGES file. It will read the imported file as if it was a native file. One license of Creo in your product development tool kit will save tens of hours of time!

The free trial includes:

  • PTC Creo Parametric: PTC’s full professional 3D CAD package
  • PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX): the add-on that allows users to make intuitive direct changes to a model

Avoid the stress of managing sudden design changes. Try PTC Creo FMX today.
Watch a demo of the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension