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Last week, PTC announced the upcoming release of Creo Parametric 3.0. Its new features and capabilities will supplement proven technologies from Pro/ENGINEER to help address the most pressing design challenges.

Unite Technology

The new Unite™ technology will make it easier than ever to use CAD files from a variety of systems directly in PTC Creo Parametric™, Direct™, Simulate™, and Options Modeler™ apps. This will make consolidating multiple CAD systems onto PTC Creo and collaborating with different CAD systems much more efficient.

Unite Technology supports these improvements with features like:

  • Compatibility with Solidworks®, Catia®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk® and NX™ files
  • Easy reuse of existing CAD data in its current format, with no need for a costly upfront migration
  • Converting existing legacy data to PTC Creo easily and on demand
  • Ability to convert individual parts as needed, instead of being forced to convert entire assemblies to modify individual parts

“In situations where development teams need to collaborate across CAD formats, Unite technology enables designers to create and protect design intent between PTC Creo and other CAD data,” said Michael Campbell, Executive Vice President of the CAD Segment at PTC. “This both significantly reduces the efforts needed to maintain design integrity and enables collaboration to take place earlier and more often in the design process.”

Improved Innovation

PTC Creo 3.0 also offers new and enhanced concept design tools, including:

  • Align™ Freestyle™ design functionality (part of PTC Creo Parametric) enables designers to create and drive freeform designs parametrically, combining organic geometry creation and modification with associative parametric design intent.
  • Greater scalability and richer tools in PTC Creo Layout to support 2D concept engineering activities with seamless re-use in the 3D parametric environment.
  • An improved PTC Creo Direct that will help quickly create 3D concept designs that are fully reusable in PTC Creo Parametric.
  • A dedicated environment in PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension that provides for developing design alternatives, investigating modeling approaches, and safely understanding the consequences of design changes.

Performance Enhancements

Along with these new features, Creo 3.0 will also offer significant improvements to existing capabilities:

  • New graphical realism support
  • Extensive hardware libraries and automated fastener assembly workflows
  • New and improved help system with dedicated tools for new users
  • New flexible modeling capabilities
  • New and enhanced analysis tools
  • Core modeling enhancements
  • Sheet metal modeling enhancements

“With Unite technology, richer and truly integrated concept design tools and a continued emphasis on day-day productivity gains, this new release empowers our customers to bring greater efficiency to their product development process,” concluded Campbell.

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