PTC Navigate: Make Better Product Decisions

It can be difficult to maintain and keep track of all product data. However, there can be huge problems when important decisions are made based on inaccurate data.

If you’re having problems with this, you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with data that is unorganized and not regularly updated. Licensing costs make it difficult to get everyone access to all the data they need. Decisions that are made based on product information can greatly impact your business, so it is crucial that the information needed is available. PTC Navigate can solve this problem.

The decisions that are made based on product information can greatly impact your business, so there could be major consequences if irrelevant or out dated product information is used.

Universal Data Access

With PTC Navigate you no longer have to worry about licensing costs. Instead PTC Navigate provides universal data access to all of your employees. This helps your company make more informed product decisions. These decisions can have impacts on product quality, time-to-market, and profitability.

PTC Navigate provides universal data access to help your company make better informed product decisions.

PTC Navigate can source data from multiple systems and integrate directly with your PLM and ERP systems. These capabilities allow more people to impact and access product data. PTC Navigate’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy for everyone to use without time-consuming training.

Application Suite

PTC Navigate consists of a family of applications used to access and view product data. These applications can be customized and tailored to your company’s specific needs, then deployed across departments. PTC Navigate includes the following applications:

  • View Design Files
  • View Drawing
  • View and Measure in 3D
  • View Part Properties
  • View Part List
  • View Part Structure
  • View Document

Connecting Product Data Improves Products

Product data is already your most valuable asset, but when you connect it into an organized system its value dramatically increases. Through connected product data, everyone in your company is on the same page to make decisions. There is no second guessing where a product document is or if someone has something new to add. When utilized to its full extent, PTC Navigate ensures that product data is organized in a way that is easy to understand.

Product quality increases when informed product decisions are made from day one.

Connected data also provides new insights into your products and current processes. With relevant data delivered in context everyone on the team can understand the design progression. By utilizing PTC Navigate you can also extend your existing technology to more users. Its cohesive design with intuitive role-based interface provides the perfect grounds to improve your company’s decision making processes.

Advanced Capabilities

PTC Navigate helps you connect product data and make better decisions, but what else? Navigate includes a handful of additional features and capabilities that make it ideal for any company that deals with product data.

  • Tailorable: PTC Navigate includes simple controls to change views. You don’t have to look at all data when trying to figure out something, you can view only the information you need. Navigate also includes a search function based on selected attributes or properties within the data, making sure you can always find what you’re looking for.
  • System-agnostic: The back systems in PTC navigate are updated independently of the software. Therefore, users aren’t bombarded with constant “update now” notifications while they are working on a project, instead updates occur in the background.
  • Modular: Fully customizable applications can leverage existing capabilities in PTC Navigate.
  • IoT-enabled: When using tailored or fully customized PTC Navigate apps in conjunction with products or equipment connected to the Internet of Things, PTC Navigate can compile and utilize this data.
  • Context-driven: Customized applications can extend to include information from your PLM and ERP systems, providing all the context necessary to make better decisions.
  • Secure: Customizable permissions allow administrators to delineate what information should by accessible by an individual.
  • Mobile-ready: Individuals can use a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop to access PTC Navigate using the major operating systems (Microsoft Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android).

Connect and Inform

PTC Navigate allows product information to be connected and accessed from a variety of sources. With connected product data, everyone in an organization can contribute to make informed product decisions. Products are able to get to market faster and have better quality. You no longer need to worry about gathering information to make a decision, instead you can access everything you need from a centralized system.

Does PTC Navigate sound like a product that could significantly improve your company’s decision making processes? Contact us about PTC Navigate or any of our other available software solutions.